The 12 easiest seafood restaurants in Kuantan

The 12 easiest seafood restaurants in Kuantan

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Many of us are foodies on the Wanderlog personnel, so naturally we’re incessantly on the hunt to devour at essentially the most neatly-liked spots anytime we race someplace new. With favorites devour Restoran Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, Pak Su Seafood Restaurant, and Lila Wadi Restaurant and extra, get ready to expertise essentially the most productive flavors around Kuantan.

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Ikan bakar restaurant

Malaysian restaurant

Restoran Ana Ikan Bakar Petai is a favored dining space in Kuantan, Malaysia, identified for its toothsome grilled fish and seafood. The restaurant provides a form of new seafood dishes which are expertly grilled to perfection. It is a must-talk over with for seafood enthusiasts taking a look to devour authentic Malaysian flavors. Positioned within the brilliant district of Kuantan, Restoran Ana Ikan Bakar Petai provides a appealing culinary expertise that captures the essence of native cuisine.

We came here thrice impartial nowadays, as soon as for Iftar for the length of Ramadan, and the opposite twice had been after Hari Raya. Curiously, the Iftar Dinner used to be held on the greater venue situation further in on the support, while the opposite two had been on the front restaurant, correct by the avenue. They additionally have any other shop available within the market alongside the principle Tanjung Lumpur avenue, and I had been there additionally beforehand.

The first sights had been obviously the new seafoods, and you would decide them for yourselves, before handing them to the cook dinner for them to prepare in any manner you devour easiest. The most celebrated could well per chance be the Ikan Bakar, which they again with sambal petai, but could well per chance additionally advance with out. My wife isn’t very so entertaining on the petai, so we would automatically scream the Ikan Kerapu (Grouper) 3 Rasa, Salted Egg Crabs or Prawns, and Fried Calamari. I had tried the Seafood Fried Rice which used to be additionally tasty and agreable for me.

The stamp had long previous up quite vastly, nowadays. I undergo in mind coming here decades ago for essentially the most inexpensive and toothsome seafood ever, but I bet everything had changed after Covid. Now, we most productive advance here because of its shut proximity to our lodge…

Sazali M Salleh — Google overview

Alot of folks for the length of buka puasa time. So we made up our minds to advance support support at 8.15pm, much less crowd 😊 the staffs are correct, willing to educate me programs to scream the seafood. It is crucial to make a decision on your possess seafood (fish/prawn/sotong/lala), then decide the cook dinner trend. They’ll weight it and let u know the worth.

We ordered ikan merah steam halia, sotong goreng tepung, kangkung belacan, 2 rice, 1teh panas. Fish is new taste correct. Complete rm81.

The most sharp factor to increase is the hygiene. The tabe and chair is so soiled, sink is stucked with leftover foods.

Kaylie Ling — Google overview

A superb position for family and company hangouts. Nice position with a form of tables, some are opened aired so notice your season. Provider is a tiny bit of bit behind, it be a must to attend for a really very prolonged time to get your food ready. There is a playground for younger folks to play, thats good. Meals are good but not so low-stamp. Free float of undeniable water that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance drink as great as you desire.

myra hanee — Google overview

My 1st talk over with final 2 one year I could give 5/5. And this publish is my 2nd coming and a tiny bit dissatisfied with the taste.

Meals: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐
No longer as toothsome as 1st talk over with.

Sign: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
$$$$/$$$$$ –

Serving: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Acceptable not too prolonged, crew served with friendly and polite greetings.

Save : 4/5⭐⭐⭐⭐
Colossal and natty. Crowd self-discipline to weekday or weekend.

Parking: 4/5⭐⭐⭐⭐
Relies to your talk over with hour. My talk over with within the Afternoon and an excessive amount of empty park.

Bathroom : 4/5
Super and correctly taken care with perfume.

SOP : 4/5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Reminder by the administration on board most productive and correctly followed by the guests.

Syaiful Bahri — Google overview

Colossal dining keep of living potentially 100 tables with correct vary of seafood to self decide then scream counter how you devour it cooked. Petai sambal wrapped in banana leaf arena of expertise. Extensive festive ambiance, puny parking one day of the inner, masses extra avenue facet parking outdoors. Positively a must hurry streak space when in Kuantan

Philip Chan — Google overview

In my mediate about, very overrated. The ordering gadget isn’t very transparent. Be very careful and I would suggest no one eats here.

Paid 250rm for 2 iced tea, 1 medium squid and a medium sized ikan pari. All the pieces you see in my photos stamp this great.

Ikan bakar taste is meh and the squid made telur masin trend used to be doused in butter.

The woman on the counter didn’t acknowledge with phrases when asked extra than one times about programs to pay by approach of e wallet transfer. She correct pointed to her templates taped to the counter.

The position is additionally highly unhygienic, tables and floor being plagued by trash.

Vaman Gungaram — Google overview

This ‘ikan bakar’ restaurant is kind of gargantuan with indoor and outdoors sittings. We had our dinner on the support portion, and the position used to be crowded at 7.00pm. Here, you are allowed to make a decision on your possess seafood. Plot shut them to weight and decide how that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance devour them to be cooked. There are kinds of flavours to make a possibility from, whether or not it is deep-fried or grilled. Fish had been grilled with banana leaves for theirs flavours. The fish used to be grilled throughly with chilli paste but used to be not animated in any admire. It used to be toothsome and flavourful. We had the flat fish and sting ray. Settle the smaller sting ray as the chilli paste sauce can hurry into the fish, and it be extra flavourful. Esteem the trend they cooked the butter prawns, the flavour used to be correctly done. The deep-fried cutterfish used to be fried crispy and gentle. Develop not forget to test out their ‘fish sata’ (fish paste with chilli). They had been if truth be told toothsome and never too animated. What I devour most about this position is that they are generous with their sauces. Assorted sauces for thoroughly different seafood they veritably had been correct.

c ph (Red Gardenia) — Google overview

Fabulous Ikan Bakar! There isn’t very any must dip within the offered sauce in any admire. Though the dipping sauce additionally tasted immense.

You’re greeted with sweetness then kicked from spices and a tiny bit salty. Having this alongside with bitter beans made everything balanced.

Genuine scream 1 Ikan Bakar with 1 dish of rice.
A stable meal. And the water is price, self served.

The fish takes a while 20 mins or so.

To scream this dish, to salvage to hurry to the keep the fish is displayed. Snatch a basket and a thong. While you’ve completed. Bring it over to the woman sitting in front. She’ll weight the fish and scream you the worth, according yo the form of fish you chose.

Repeat her how you desire it cooked and your table quantity. That’s it!

It’s a tiny bit confusing to scream since we came at a busy time.

The chef on the grill station used to be very worthwhile with our inquiry for the fish, we ended up loving Nata that he made.

Kanta Sirisriro — Google overview

Kind is correct but must separate scream rices & dishes and waited prolonged for the Kian bakar.. total is okay. Just like the fried sotong

Holidayz H — Google overview

Hygiene immense frightening, very very soiled. Pricing very costly and serving time very behind additionally, we ordered 1 fish 1 prawn waited for 1hr and half of. 2 dishes stamp us RM100.

Workers used to be friendly (thats why i give 2 star). Grill fish taste moderate most productive, prawn taste moderate. NO NEXT TIME.

Ong Wk — Google overview

SG folks need directions but over there you desire to anticipate what you originate not know so that you must originate it easy enable me to jot down about a hints.

1. if you reach hurry get a table (nobody goes to search out for you a table – hurry salvage your self.

2. undergo in mind the table quantity.

3. drinks stall is separate….as soon as all drinks delivered pay them asap …. originate not anticipate to combine total ….no such factor.

4. SATA stall and otak2 stall is additionally turn out to be self reliant from drinks stall and seafood stall so hurry enact as in Level 3.

5. Accelerate to the seafood stall…..have a look on the velocity of the seafood …..significantly the fish and sotong !!! some fish is low-stamp some not so low-stamp…..KNOW your fish !!! Develop not take a jenahak and anticipate to pay seabass stamp. Develop not give excuses you originate not know what fish you choose … originate not know your fish then decide prawns.

6. if you choose your seafood you desire to make a decision on how it be gonna be cook dinner — stamp dependent on the load of your seafood – not how you desire it cook dinner. instance : Uncle I desire fish in candy and bitter, sotong in fried batter , prawns in BBQ flavour and give your table quantity.

7. when food arrives pay from the thoroughly different stalls with the exception of from the seafood…..that one you pay on the counter by declaring your table quantity.

Hope these hints again.
(Meals is delish because seafood is immense new….as to how you desire the seafood to be cooked that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance anticipate the person guilty of weighing the food to give his opinions)

Zul M — Google overview

Meals : 8/10
2 pcs squid sambal petai : taste is good! & the squid is gentle juicy
1 pc squid celup tepung : taste is good & crunchy!
6 pcs prawn butter : anticipate to get dried fried but it absolutely used to be thoroughly different, taste is correct & the prawn is new!

Drinks : 7/10
2 coconut shake : taste is ample
1 teh ais : tasteless 😢

Sign : 7/10 RM 110 for:
6 prawn (medium)
3 squid (medium)
2 undeniable rice
1 ayam masak kunyit
2 coconut shake + 1 teh ais

FallBots — Google overview

This seafood restaurant has a thoroughly different manner of ordering—that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance decide your possess seafood. Nonetheless, it goes to also be difficult, significantly for first-timers, and unhygienic since customers must make converse of their bare hands. The waiting time is prolonged, and the food is correct moderate. The ‘Petai Ikan Bakar’ dish used to be disappointing as the ‘Petai’ skin wasn’t peeled off. The floors and tables had been additionally soiled, which used to be a letdown.

Jee Hor — Google overview

Gargantuan large dining keep of living but virtually plump condo. Accurate for gathering. New fish and seafood. Grilled fish used to be toothsome however the stim limau one used to be quite bland and no ‘kick’ in any admire. Thumbs up for the sotong celup tepung.
Instant service and cheap stamp 👍

Normi Izati — Google overview

Ana Ikan Bakar” is one of essentially the most productive dinner spots in Kuantan, positioned in Tanjung Lumpur. Here, that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance appreciate a form of seafood dishes. The restaurant is extremely large, ravishing for accommodating a immense different of customers. The service is correct, with moderate waiting times. Parking is on hand alongside the roadside because of the high different of autos. The workers are friendly and welcoming to customers. Nonetheless, cleanliness isn’t very correctly-maintained. While they provide a huge vary of dishes, the taste is moderate in my mediate about.

Onari Kajz — Google overview

We came for a late Monday lunch, and we had to call the waiter thrice to get our food ordered. Meals came in Quarter-hour. However the ikan bakar petai came in 40 minutes (after we’ve completed most of our foods), and it used to be too smokey for our taste. It appears to be like as if it used to be overcooked. Positively not steered. Oh and the restaurant surely wants a cleaning, immense soiled.

Basit Salim — Google overview

Got here here early before 6pm on a Monday. Simplest 3-4 tables occupied then.

A huge position the keep they most productive opened the outer portion. Reasonably breezy even supposing it fully delivery air.

Provider used to be ambiance friendly in taking orders but took extra than 30 min for the food to be served no topic the tiny crowd. Fire pit not ready but? Or if truth be told behind service? Wish to trail them to get the food served.

Wonderful factor is that the crimson snapper we chose that goes with Bakar Petai used to be damn correct. Fish used to be new. The sauce used alongside with the petai is superior. Develop not even need the dipping sauce though that itself is correct too. Totally loved it.

The stamp is inexpensive with the crimson snapper at RM8.50 per 100g. One in all essentially the most dear fish served.

Forget regarding the opposite rice dishes. Tried their nasi pattaya. Share is immense but lack flavour.

There is free undeniable water as self service while you enact not are making an are attempting to pay for the juices.

Will possible be support to test out others.

Abet for 2nd time: This time around, ordered Ikan Bakar Petai, sotong Bakar Petai and steam siham. By some capacity, the gravy used for Ikan Bakar and sotong Bakar is overpowering. Took away the new flavours of the seafood. Size of siham is tiny too. Downgrading their rating from 5 star to 4 star.

KF Yoon — Google overview

Wonderful food, ambiance is largely cold wet market. Provider is decent. Costs could well be a tiny bit inaccurate. Counsel to test everything before shopping.

Daniel Chunk — Google overview

Kuantan most cherished Ikan Bakar space. Fingers down! First class restaurant with prominent seafood galore in a single humble position. You would possibly want to decide thoroughly different kinds of seafood to cater your possess appetite and cooking trend. Whether it be butter milk, candy and bitter, or correct undeniable deep fried. The service is additionally snappy and uncomplicated. A variety of seating keep of living one day of the restaurant compound. Surau and restrooms are additionally on hand within the restaurant. The most sharp difficult share is their car parking space. Runt car parking space plus this position could well be immense packed for the length of top hours which is from lunch time and time for dinner. Reserving in advance is extremely steered.

Hafiz Hussin — Google overview

See a seafood paradise in Kuantan! Enjoy a culinary race the keep your seafood cravings advance to existence, tailor-made to your required taste.
Savor an array of freshly caught delights, from succulent fish and prawns to delectable crabs and clams, all making an are attempting forward to your discerning palate. To elevate your expertise, their menu boasts a appealing blend of native and Thai cuisine, infusing your taste buds with rich flavors.

Relaxation assured, their ambiance friendly service and gargantuan parking facilities are here to originate your talk over with great extra appetizing. So, advance and indulge in a appealing dining race that promises to leave you happy and yearning for extra. Skills seafood perfection devour in no method before!

Sharifunizam Hj Johari — Google overview

Attention-grabbing expertise choosing the fish to your possess. Razor clams not new, fried squid used to be alright, crimson and distinct tomyum soups not frightening, most productive the bakars which is their signature is largely the most productive.

S. L — Google overview

I would anticipate with so many patrons on a weekend night, their service will be terrible, but I could well per chance not be extra atrocious. I’m quite sure there had been hundreds of customers there and it used to be raining cats and canine, but man the service used to be fleet & the foods had been fully toothsome. The ikan bakar petai used to be new, candy & animated – ample flavours that originate you crave for extra. I devour that we can decide the seafood ourselves over the new seafood counter and the tactic they separate the kitchens – per chance that is their enterprise secret to efficient & ambiance friendly cooking.

Wan Nurhazrina — Google overview






Chinese restaurant


Positioned alongside Beserah Seaside, Pak Su Seafood Restaurant provides toothsome and inexpensive halal Chinese seafood. The restaurant is a tiny bit of a force from the city heart, so having your possess transportation is better. Identified for his or her neatly-liked Stuffed Crabs, that are filled with generous quantities of crab meat, this seaside eatery has been a celebrated among locals for years. While the stuffed crab used to be correct okay, the salted egg squid stood out with its flavorful taste.

Must you are a seafood lover devour me…. 🌊🦐 Let me scream you about this superior space in Kuantan that’s been my celebrated for years. It’s known as PakSu Seafood Restaurant, and it’s literally actual by the ocean – focus on dining with a mediate about!

Every time I’m in Kuantan, I originate it a conceal drop by. They’ve got this large menu that’s devour a sea of choices, and everything’s immense new. Most importantly, their prices won’t originate your wallet cry.

The staffs at PakSu are friendly. They’ve got masses of workers, so that you’re in no method left waiting. But heads up, it gets immense busy when there’s a competition or holiday around, so ring them up and e book a table forward of time.

Must you’re ever in Kuantan and craving some delish seafood, PakSu is the position to be. Belief me, you’ll devour it as great as I enact!

Timothy Low — Google overview

The stuff crab 🦀 is yum; see ham mee is overly salty… promo shark fin soup is over rated. Effect has a spectacular mediate about of the South China Sea which is a take care of.

Damien SKY — Google overview

Extensive situation and proper stamp.

The taste is a tiny bit bland. We ordered a noodle, steamed prawns, stuffed crab, a mantis prawn dish and greens.

Noodle – bland
Steamed prawns – new
Stuffed crab – potentially essentially the most productive dish
Mantis prawn – essentially the most disappointing dish
Greens – correct

Tag Cheong — Google overview

We had 2 rounds of stuffed crabs at 2pm! We had lunch in city then with out note crabs comes in mind 🤔. Kind a tiny bit extra greeny than crab meats. Simplest goes with with the chili offered. Must that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance race some distance a tiny bit to north there is any other greater stuffed crabs.

f e l i c i a c — Google overview

Respectable halal chinese food. Very neatly-liked in Kuantan. Stuffed crab is extremely correct. Try it. Chilly sea stride. Must you would devour fancy stuff devour lobsters of quickly hock fish, they’ve it too.

Leong K Lam — Google overview

The atmosphere of the position is fully exceptional. Imagine sitting outdoors below the moonlight playing food, taking save of the ocean stride. Social distancing between patrons are correctly completed with ease of mind to dine-in. The service used to be correct, no topic asking to attend, the mannerism used to be correct and made us if truth be told feel welcome. Stuffed crab is a correct manner to devour crab with out messing out hands. Kangkong Cincalok steered used to be toothsome and never too salty. Will absolutely be support if we advance support to Kuantan.

Lee Ling Lim — Google overview

Was as soon as if truth be told dissatisfied with the food. Visited this restaurant ard 8yrs ago. The food used to be if truth be told good esp the stuffed crab. But now it be if truth be told terrible. The tofu used to be cold and bland. There’s a form of flies too.

Sze Hui Lim — Google overview

We ordered garoupa fish but came fillet and we ordered medium kailan came tiny. We ordered steam prawns but they don’t again so most productive have sunless soya bean prawns and is not very in any admire times new. The top is gentle and the meat isn’t very new.

zena leong — Google overview

Provider too many ppl i mediate workers not ample even i came late on 9pm but must attend
Meals taste acceptable
Sign above moderate
Procure a correct seaside and mediate about

Kai Bin Lau — Google overview

Extremely overpriced and overrated. Waiting over 1hr+ for our dishes to approach AND the tables that came after us got served first.

A pair of problems with this position rather than the worth and the length. After anticipating goodbye, the boss comes over and declares that there are no extra crabs on hand. AFTER WAITING FOR 1 HOUR. There used to be additionally no sympathy or apology. They could well per chance also simply have as a minimum let us know that the crab is puny before taking the scream down. The oysters are additionally charged per portion (20+/portion), and the restaurant requires a minimum scream of 4-6 pcs most productive EVEN THOUGH on the menu the prices are for one portion and there are no specs of what number of to scream.

Furthermore, one day of the dinner, we would must push the boss and the waiters on the remainder of the dishes as they as taking too prolonged. The food used to be additionally mediocre. Here’s a tiring, laborious and infuriating expertise. Pls rethink on spending your money here.

natasha — Google overview

The seafood I had used to be a blended expertise. The stuffed crab used to be correct okay, however the salted egg squid used to be a standout with its flavorful taste. The Lala soup used to be additionally savory. Ordering and food serving had been quite snappy.

Jee Hor — Google overview

Sign: relies on what you ordered .. cheap and a tiny bit costly.

Location: In front of the ocean slide…batu hitam..

Cleanliness: correctly done.. upkeep it ….

The taste of food..: for myself .. I’m not if truth be told happy…

Retain it up for a correct ambiance yaaa

Abdul Rahman Bin Muhammad — Google overview

Been here decades already. Identified d house owners correctly. Silent one of my favrit seafood joints on East Proceed when travellin support Terengganu..

Gie Man — Google overview

All About Pahang – Kuantan

To begin with, that isn’t very essentially the most productive seafood restaurant in Kuantan. 2d of all, it be a topic of consolation for me and my family as we had been having streak on this keep of living. Pak Su is extremely renowned for his or her seafood for these that finish in Beserah, Pantai Batu Hitam and even Pantai Balok keep of living. In actuality a Chinese seafood restaurant but patronized by 1 Malaysia as they are pork-free, plus there have to not many alternate choices in relation to seafood on this keep of living.

◾Mock shark fin soup – she mandatory one thing thoroughly different. With vinegar, it whet her appetite.
◾Seaweed soup – safe possibility for the younger folks.
◾Stuffed crab – their interpretation of the renowned dish from Tong Juan (Kemaman) used to be decent with accompanying tangy frigid sauce.
◾Salt & pepper fried squid – my favourite that night… paired correctly with my white wine that I grabbed off the shelves from Hank’s in Kuantan the day before.
◾Steamed oysters with garlic – a tiny bit of over-steamed.
◾Kung bao rooster cubes – the son’s celebrated flavour and had it most to himself.
◾fried rice – lacked the mandatory wok hei and flavour.
◾Cantonese yee mee – it could well per chance converse extra flavour within the gravy.

We came very early before the dinner crowds began to swarm the restaurant – it used to be a college holiday in spite of everything. Ask for a table overlooking Laut Cina Selatan if it be not too scorching within the night – it be incessantly reserved!

Boon Loong Leo — Google overview

At Pak Su Seafood Restaurant, that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance anticipate a huge vary of seafood alternate choices, starting from succulent prawns and crabs to fish, squid, and extra. The dishes are entertaining with expertise, showcasing the pure flavors of the seafood while incorporating toothsome sauces and seasonings.

One in all the highlights of dining at Pak Su Seafood Restaurant is the power to make a decision on your seafood without lengthen from tanks or displays, ensuring its freshness and quality. This permits you to have a personalized dining expertise the keep that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance decide the actual seafood devices you’d devour to appreciate.

The restaurant additionally provides a form of cooking styles, catering to utterly different tastes and preferences. Whether you desire your seafood grilled, steamed, whisk-fried, or in a flavorful sauce, the expert chefs at Pak Su Seafood Restaurant can scream delectable dishes to meet your cravings.

As opposed to its exceptional seafood alternate choices, Pak Su Seafood Restaurant in overall provides a welcoming and comfortable ambiance for diners. The friendly workers participants are an expert regarding the menu and are on occasion willing to fabricate concepts or solutions in line with your preferences.

Must you’re a seafood lover or someone taking a look to devour a memorable dining expertise, Pak Su Seafood Restaurant is worth pondering. With its new seafood, skillful preparation, and warm hospitality, it targets to originate a appealing and savory culinary race for its patrons.

Yohann Ong — Google overview

Need a position to finish?

Navigate forward to engage with the calendar and decide a date. Press the anticipate mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for altering dates.

Navigate backward to engage with the calendar and decide a date. Press the anticipate mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for altering dates.

Navigate forward to engage with the calendar and decide a date. Press the anticipate mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for altering dates.

Navigate backward to engage with the calendar and decide a date. Press the anticipate mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for altering dates.






Fusion restaurant

Lila Wadi Restaurant, established in 2011, has turn out to be a cherished dining space in Kuantan. This eatery provides a appealing fusion of Thai and Western cuisine, with its standout dish being the pan barbecue – a Eastern-inspired self-grill barbecue steamboat on hand in crimson meat supreme, rooster supreme, lamb supreme, and seafood supreme sets. The restaurant’s al-fresco dining keep of living provides a at ease ambiance for enjoying their world and native dishes.

before covid hits we incessantly had been in a space to e book a position but now we can’t. so it’s okay the queue used to be not a prolonged wait. there had been masses of seatings inner. we incessantly get our dose of kula cakes because cake store closed up early. the barbecue menu has a min pac of 2 . the portion is gargantuan and alot . the nasi goreng daging is exceptional. the staffs listed below are very attentive and friendly. easy to call and add orders. will absolutely advance support when we are in kuantan. oh additionally, the automobile parking space workers is largely the most productive! thankssss

Nahnee Awesome — Google overview

:: Wonderful food, large keep of living and proper stamp too. Tried nasi goreng kambing, tempura prawn and rooster nick. New drinks for Pandan Cooler and Watermelon.. most sharp for warm weather ::

Mus’ikhmal Mustaza — Google overview

Location-practical its quite easy to space. Parking is easy there is incessantly a man that can salvage the distance for you, tip him tho. Meals-practical very anticipated as they served a no nonsense inexpensive 1:1 toothsome to stamp ratio. Of us will maintain repeati to coming in here & that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance see why. There goes the menu 👇👆.

mohd faezuddin ariffin — Google overview

Dine here final nite wit a personnel of company. They served native menus, western, grilled, and truffles. Had lamb fried rice, prawn fried rice, mushroom shitake crimson meat burger, new york crimson meat burger, honey lemon cooler, mushroom soup and Toblerone cheesecake. Overall food used to be good and tasty. The patty burger is juicy. The toblarone cheesecake is taste extra devour an ice cream cake. Since i originate not devour cheesecake but this toblarone not so cheesy and that i devour the taste. Unable to scream the durian cheesecake bcoz not a season. Fried rice no animated but it absolutely served with sambal belacan that give the animated flavour. For me the Burger stamp abit pricy per chance they used a homemade patty. Procure alot Parking lot on the compound. Provider is snappy and friendly n helpfull staffs.

Things for development : They’ll must peaceable effect peep on the waiting keep of living to reveal the new coming customer to jot down their name on the waiting table since the staff will call customer name in line with the waiting checklist, as an different of the new customer correct seat on the bench to attend for his or her flip to dine in.

ELinFaRiZza — Google overview

We ate steamboat, and the tomyam and rooster soup used to be good. We ordered oreo, Toblerone and durian cheese cake. Appetizing! Throughout time for dinner, it incessantly packed. Near early.

nor atika — Google overview

Nice position to devour with family. Be obvious to advance support early as you can not e book forward. they most productive gain walk in. Nonetheless the food is correct and comfortable sitting position.

amir shafiq mohd borhan — Google overview

Attain around opening time.

A quantity of the beverage and dessert isn’t very on hand.

Mango cheesecake is extremely toothsome.
Though the first impact is extra to ice cream as an different of cheesecake.

No aircond but windy.

Cheng Ka Teng — Google overview

A crowded position. They didn’t gain booking but workers had been attentive and ambiance friendly in checking out waiting customers.
Simplest tried their truffles and drinks, but to test out their mains.
Would suggest their mango cheesecake.
Texture used to be creamy and sweetness used to be correct actual.
Their cheesecakes had been lower into tiny pieces making it easy for sharing in a personnel.
Effect used to be large with correct air air float.
Would talk over with again.

PC — Google overview

Extensive position! Wonderful dining expertise. Can’t accept as true with how low-stamp the worth for the quality you get.

Gay and good ambiance for family. Spotless natty. Dedication carpark with parking man. Provider used to be quite snappy and workers is ambiance friendly.

Have to advance while you talk over with Kuantan.

Azlan Huzeifa — Google overview

your total food used to be correct and as marketed, the ambiance so cosy and must attend to be seated on the weekend

namialusrehus — Google overview

The position has very correct seating arrangements, atmosphere and decor.

The parking is puny on the opposite hand that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance park within the alley avenue.

The most sharp time to hurry is on weekdays and better to bustle early by 6 PM in every other case it gets plump.

They’re on snatch food as correctly. Their mango cheese cake used to be okay frozen and it be a must to attend for a while to get it creamy.

Their newyork cheese burger used to be essentially the most productive. Spaghetti and crimson meat fried rice had been okay tbh.

Overall a correct expertise

Moin Quazi — Google overview

Loved it!! The food is exceptional. We had the Lamb Steamboat and carbonara spaghetti, they had been exceptional! The atmosphere is handsome.. Felt if truth be told welcomed and relaxed to have dinner with family. No longer too crowded. Wonderful song as correctly. Pleasant service! The waiters and waitresses had been incessantly smiling n greeted us warmly.

Akmar Izzany — Google overview

Was as soon as my 2nd time ingesting here. The stamp is inexpensive pondering the gargantuan portion. My husband and I had steamboat while my younger folks, spaghetti carbonara rooster. My younger folks are 6 and 2 yrs aged they veritably’re loving it. They effect an state to for extra… 😅. For the steamboat the worth is inexpensive for the portion we had. But i used to be immense hungry i ordered some add-ons. The ambiance used to be immense. Workers, an indonesian man used to be if truth be told worthwhile for explaining the menu. Other workers additionally very polite. There used to be one lady helped us taking photos. Positively will advance support here!! ♥️

No Title — Google overview

Enterprise outing to kuantan, a health care provider steered to advance support here !! Simplest durian cheese cake i had ever taste! Meals is 4.5/5 for spaghetti a tiny bit masin, ambiance ample la but theres a looooot of lalat ya! Btw they got steamboat additionally per chance next time can are attempting

dayang yus — Google overview

Dropped by to have dinner after a dash on the shut by park. Surprisingly not many patrons on a weekend night. Parking on hand. Had rooster nick & the meat used to be gentle & toothsome. Paired with fries & coleslaw. Mango & durian cheesecakes, I had them to hurry, its by Kula Truffles (if u know u know 😉). Cashless price most productive (I devour cuz I’m not a money person 😏). Overall a correct meal. Will advance again.

Pei — Google overview

There used to be a tiny bit of a queue when we got there for dinner and the service used to be a tiny bit behind but it absolutely used to be peaceable tolerable. The mushroom burger used to be surprisingly appetizing. I’m a hardcore chilli sauce person but I didn’t even need it coz it used to be very flavorful and the patty used to be very juicy though the bun used to be a tiny bit greasy. The breaded rooster nick used to be okay but I if truth be told feel it could well per chance also simply be seasoned extra. The pandan cooler used to be too citrusy, it masked the pandan taste. But hats off to the mango cheesecake. It’s so refreshing and never cloying in any admire. It used to be so correct I had to takeaway any other slash. Obviously it tastes better while you dine in. I judge it be kula cakes’ coz it says so on the takeaway field. Lucky us they’ve it here coz we idea to be going there but they shut early. No shock ppl advance your total manner to kuantan for the cake. Fully worth it.

hikarukaorulurv — Google overview

THIS IS NOT CHEESECAKE. It used to be very correct and that i wouldve given a increased rating IF it used to be marketed correctly. Both on the menu and online the cakes are marketed as cheesecake, oreo cake etc when they are really ICECREAM (or horribly frozen cheesecake not correctly thawed). The cake used to be frozen so frightening that i if truth be told asked if that is speculated to be devour this, devour icecream? They told me sure. But then why is it correct cheesecake on the menu? Alter the menu! My personnel and I had been terribly dissatisfied. The snacks and drinks had been ample, but we came here for the cheesecake, which used to be quite praised online. Stressed as to why when it used to be so frozen our forks could well per chance barely hurry thru.

Larisa D. — Google overview






Asian restaurant

Akob Patin Dwelling in Kuantan is a must-talk over with for food enthusiasts, significantly these that like extinct Pahang cuisine. The restaurant is renowned for its arena of expertise dish, Ikan Patin Gulai Tempoyak, which capabilities the renowned silver catfish cooked in durian stew. This indigenous dish from the Pahang River and its tributaries attracts locals and vacationers alike.

The food is toothsome, and the service is ample kot. 👌

asry muji — Google overview

Tastes immense! i highly suggest it. Sign is per ikan patin mas and patin buah.

Lex Son — Google overview

Went there final Friday before the prayer ends. Their food virtually completed but peaceable got their signature ikan patin with stamp of them acknowledged. The restaurant is natty but optimistically they’ll natty their fans too. We loved their food. Their staffs had been additionally friendly and worthwhile

Nurul Fadhilah Ibharim — Google overview

U will must peaceable hurry there to tasted the freshness of the patin with tempoyak. I’m not a tempoyak fans..but there is a different of meal that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance are attempting. No longer removed from kuantan artwork avenue.

Hawana Radin — Google overview

This Patin restaurant used to be steered by native when I went to Kuantan on Friday midday. It situated within the support of the principle avenue so outsiders must make converse of Maps to reach there. The pricing is kind of cheap while you dine in however the worth of takeaway is a tiny bit of increased (my expertise). The proprietor complained to me the Patin suppliers are going to price extra soonest so the worth hike is inevitable She correct closed down her other restaurant this capacity that. In a undeniable demonstrate her Kuantan restaurant is large and natty and the ambiance is peaceable. There are puny public parkings on hand.

Roshiha Roslan — Google overview

Many different for native food and signature fish is Patin masak Tempoyak

aziz ngah — Google overview

We arrived for the length of lunchtime, and there is masses of lauk and seating. Meals used to be okay with vary of lauk, not correct Patin. The stamp is correct as correctly, our total meal for 2 stamp rm17.90 including drinks (with out the Patins tho). Unfortunatel our meals had been interrupted by rats arguing below the restaurant’s fridge. We have told the cashier lady, but she correct ‘okay and will look in to it’ with not amused face. I hope they care extra regarding the cleanliness of the keep of living.

Lyana J — Google overview

An exceptional gastronomy expertise. You’ve got got the controversial durian. And the drurian is fermented into a paste. Then cooked as soup! How crazy is that?! The first mouthful used to be a sensory bomb. But you are going to fleet advance support for extra. Cos it used to be correct. And got extra advanced with EACH of the sauces (darkish soy sauce, sambal chilli and balacan) and condiments (Raja Ulam and new bay leaves).
I fully suggest Akod to any adventurous foodie for a plump Tempoyak expertise.

Andy Chua — Google overview

Just fried patin sambal balado. New patin and worth my RM20 per fish. Near early for lunch, most of the different attain after 2pm. I heard from the native, within the occasion that they see what vehicle you’re using, be entertaining to be charged extra. unsure if it used to be actual 🤔

Farah Zolkepli — Google overview

I’m not tempoyak person but here is one of patin tempoyak that i’m in a position to devour and taste good. Creamy, light spicyness. The rice used additionally is extremely good devour beras wangi.

Aimi Nasruddin — Google overview

First impact used to be a grimy position so I originate not have appetite to devour anymore
Meals practical is okay
And the worth is kind of costly

Xiaomi 10tpro — Google overview

Arrived here from KL late lunch at 2pm. Silent on hand patin tempoyak & many other dishes. The wet patin tempoyak is exceptional, new patin thick tempoyak gravy medium animated. The pais patin tempoyak in aluminium foil additionally new and thick tempoyak marinated sauce. Extremely steered. Parking on hand but puny. Take into accout to prepay parking to maintain some distance from compound by Kuantan Metropolis Hall. Sign cheap review to KL stamp. I devour it. Can repeat.

zamri idris — Google overview




Ikan bakar restaurant

Restoran Mail Ikan Bakar, positioned in Tanjung Lumpur, is a highly ravishing venue for households and company to procure and appreciate toothsome grilled fish, a form of seafood alternate choices, and a huge vary of dishes to swimsuit all people’s taste preferences. The restaurant provides new steamfish and delectable fried squid which are both appetizing. Though the waiting time could well be quite prolonged, roughly 30-40 minutes, the food is definitely worth the persistence.

Ikan bakar used to be toothsome. We are attempting new fish – ikan gerut. New! No fishy smell and the flesh used to be correctly grilled. No longer overcooked. However the fish scale not correctly natty. Sambal ikan bakar used to be if truth be told correct, they placed on top of the fish.sotong celup tepung additionally correct. The cook dinner know programs to fried squid. No rubbery texture. Telur dadar, kangkung grg belacan and fruit juice additionally tasty.

Noor Azira Mohd Yusop — Google overview

40 minutes anticipating ikan bakar. The sotong, the person guilty steered us sotong masak ikan masin – turned out to be very oily. No longer steered. Why did he suggest us that!! Must peaceable hurry for sotong goreng tepung.

Since our first time ingesting here, for two, not a correct expertise.

Allen Peter — Google overview

Meals used to be correct but i mediate it used to be quite costly review to final time i came few years ago. From a rundown ingesting position to very crowded one. Sign for quite costly however the food is ample. A so so waiting time for food.

Syeifizul Jelani — Google overview

Went there for dinner for the length of my fast finish in Kuantan. Fortunately we went there early at around 6pm, so there had been not many patrons but. thus, service is snappy. You get to make a decision on the seafood on the fish counter before taking your seat. SO, THE MAIN THING IS TO GET THERE EARLY TO AVOID SLOW SERVICE. We ordered grilled stingray and sotong celup tepung. Both dishes had been toothsome, the sambal used to be aromatic and the fried squid used to be crispy but their “BAKAR” isn’t very by charcoal, it be extra devour steammed, a tiny bit of let down. the restaurant has gargantuan vehicle parking keep of living.That is a correct point. stamp practical, it be not low-stamp( My position of starting keep is a fishing city).

CSH Chia — Google overview

The steamfish is toothsome and new..the fried squid additionally good..on the opposite hand u will need a form of affected person since the waiting time around 30-40minutes..kikiki

Aiman Oston85 — Google overview

You decide your possess form of fishes in line with whats on hand there and then. With the different of dish you desire the fishes entertaining in. Many tyepes of fishes, eggs, prawns, squids etc. Costs are clearly proven so customers dont get solutions or sellers get misunderstood… haha.

Anas Aning — Google overview

Gargantuan prolonged wait, but food used to be immense! Very new, and worth used to be ample.

Adrian Yeong — Google overview

Undecided regarding the food. But we had stumble upon with essentially the most impolite of their waiter.

We casually walked in, with out nervousness exact a table for five pax, and embark on a culinary race on the seafood counter. With astronomical curiosity, my husband seeks guidance on essentially the most fine preparation for his or her esteemed Sotong, most productive to be met with a conceal of unparalleled charm and hospitality by the waiter. In position of deigning to present his expertise, he graciously directs our consideration to the menu board, insinuating, ever so subtly, that per chance our monetary stature could well per chance also simply not align with their esteemed institution. So we graciously declined to burden the restaurant with our meager capacity and opted to gaze out a dining expertise extra suited to our modest tastes… and wallet, unnecessary to state!
No longer steered in any admire… Your food my money, i decide to keep our money because your waiter frightening attitude.

Norelliyazee Omar — Google overview

Waited about one hour which regular time for this form of restaurant. Meals used to be okay too with the exception of for the kailan ikan masin, it could well per chance also simply be better. I would give 2/10 for kailan ikan masin however the sotong celup tepung and everything else used to be correct 👍👍

Izzat xo — Google overview

‼️OVERRATED‼️ I in actuality have no photos because it used to be so disappointing. The food used to be not correct and stingy.The ikan bakar ain’t even bakar and the sambal, OMG flavourless and so tiny…and btw it’s speculated to be “sambal petai” but there’s no “petai”, we ordered the vegetable dishes for 2 folks but its so tiny can’t even feed 1 person. Then we additionally ordered a bowl of tomyum for 1 person but they charged us for 2?!? Ridiculous!! Then when we complained, they mentioned it used to be for 2…? Hello?! Each person is aware of la what we ordered. Snide service. There weren’t even the relaxation within the tomyum, it used to be so undeniable. All the pieces about this restaurant is terrible. I enact not suggest it to someone. This used to be speculated to be “essentially the most productive” seafood restaurant in Kuantan…❗️OVERPRICED AND OVERRATED❗️DO NOT RECOMMEND ❗️

I Genuine abolish — Google overview

I could in no method race to Kuantan with out this outing planner again

6Gargantuan Top






Seafood restaurant

Gargantuan Top is a seafood restaurant positioned in Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan, Pahang. It is a favored different for purchasers taking a look to appreciate seafood with their immense family because of its large dining keep of living. The restaurant additionally provides gargantuan car parking space. Working from 5 pm to 12 am day-to-day, Gargantuan Top provides a huge vary of new fish and other seafood alternate choices comparable to squid, small, and crab at inexpensive prices.

Nice position to have your dinner with family. The fish, squid, small, crab and others if truth be told new. The stamp additionally not too costly and inexpensive to all. Of us will must peaceable are attempting it here

Maswari mohammad radzhi — Google overview

save that restaurant after looking out at Google 😄 frightening service by preparation snappy and averange of food taste used to be 3/5 🙂 total RM127

Ummul Hidayah Khadari — Google overview

worst expertise i’ve ever had. waiter used to be impolite. no water to scrub hands. messed up the scream. no cleanliness of the shop. and unhygienic position. overpriced.

Divya Anbarasan — Google overview

The most unearthly siakap 3 rasa. I abominate it and it taste 👅 man made. Must you would devour to taste sadness, please talk over with this shop.

Fadhil Syukri — Google overview

Siakap 3 Rasa here is a lot extra toothsome and gentle than Ana’s. The parking keep of living is large when put next to other eateries. Nonetheless, the wait time is prolonged, and the dishes advance out one by one. The Ikan Bakad is served final, which could well per chance mean other dishes dash out. Their apple asam boi is perfectly balanced and flavorful. In my mediate about, the waiting time is regular for immense restaurants in Tg Lumpur, so that you are going to must peaceable anticipate that. Nonetheless, it be definitely worth the wait as prolonged as the food is toothsome. The prices are high, but it absolutely’s worth it when put next to Ana’s the keep the siakap used to be sangat keras. Cleanliness is additionally better here than at Ana’s.

Onari Kajz — Google overview

They dont even deserve one star. The taste used to be so-so. The workers in front of the seafood used to be extraordinarily impolite. Didnt give us the likelihood to make a decision on our drinks and told us to correct scream a total jug because “lambat”. She used to be so smug. The position is extremely unhygenic, a form of flies, stupid bugs had been on the chairs. The service is behind. Took us masses to get our food. Genuine hurry to ana ikan bakar, mail ikan bakar or correct salvage any other restaurant. The stamp isn’t very worth it. Extremely costly. This position isn’t very worthy of your time, money and vitality.

Izzy R — Google overview

Meals is good. Persist with the extinct cooking trend.

amelia puspa — Google overview

I’ve been to this position before pandemic and if truth be told devour the consolation of the parking spaces and additionally the velocity of food orders but my talk over with tonight could well per chance be the final one to Gargantuan Top.

The incoveniences are:
1. They launched a gadget the keep they’re going to keep you the table quantity however the counter for the quantity distribution isn’t very if truth be told considered while you are coming into the restaurant from the facet. We went to get the quantity and apologized for the confusion.

After we acquired our table quantity from the counter, we went to make a decision on the seafood. The female workers who correct handed our the table quantity loudly reminded to her workers, “please originate not take any scream within the occasion that they did not have the table quantity”

2. When we’re placing our scream, I asked whether or not can I effect an state to 2 separate manner of cook dinner for the squid since the squid used to be gargantuan and the staff mentioned sure. When we’re waiting, half of of the squid used to be sent to our table and visually I will confirmed that they’ve taken my effect an state to correctly for the scream.

20 minutes have handed and we’re anticipating the opposite half of. So I went and asked from the male workers that beforehand took my scream. He correct blurted out that it be not celebrated for folks to scream separate form of cooking (if it had been actual then you definately will must peaceable correct mentioned it within the first position that you’re not taking separate orders). Without checking, he correct mentioned that per chance the kitchen workers correct cook dinner all my squid into one dish. I used to be so pissed of because it used to be clearly that the bottom share of the squid had been lacking. He correct sighed loudly and went away.

Quarter-hour after that, any other man came to our table and delivered the closing dish with a gargantuan verbalize and it appears that the food is already cold (per chance used to be cooked manner support but they forgot to send).

This significantly a essential flip off for me and I would also simply not ever hurry this position again.

irdaZahari — Google overview

New Seafood, toothsome taste and follow the instruction. 👍🏻👍🏻 Life like stamp too. I steered administration to rent extra workers this capacity that reality they’ll tend customer effect an state to fleet & ambiance friendly. Waiting time for food for the length of top hours 20-Half-hour. Overall, i loved my food and steered the position 👍🏻👍🏻

Nur Hidayah Kamis — Google overview

1st time ingesting here. Meals are moderate. The service used to be snappy. The food used to be costly for me. Eat for 2 person rm13x.00. 1 siakap (bake), 2 gargantuan squid (every 20cm i bet) and 5 gargantuan prawn (salted eggs). Plus vegetable soup for 1 person. 2 skyjuice. The ambiance are moderate.

Fie Hashim — Google overview

Had dinner the opposite night on the more moderen premise (same row with ana petai ikan bakar). As opposed to gargantuan car parking space and inexpensive stamp (

Jason Tang — Google overview

have parking
ikan goreng ikan masak 3 rasa additionally correct udang butter orait ample.
stamp ? you have correct prepare before have are meal…hahaha
2 tiny fish ,udang about a grams ,kalilan ikan masin n telor dadar drinq lemon kosong n watermelon juice RM135 for 2 mouth taste. if u dont mind …correct enact it.correct n snug position.

foothien Jack — Google overview

Provider super2 behind for the length of public holiday. Waited for an hour correct for the rice and learned nobody guilty to again it because of workers scarcity. Ended up getting the rice urself from the kitchen and one dish didnt approach. Seafood quite new however the cooking is correct so so, not so tasteful. I mediate these that came here had no different since Ikan Bakar Petai around the corner already plump.

Hmh HanZ — Google overview

Convinient parking..they’ve their possess space..others shut by, the parking is so crowded..better than the opposite ikan bakar shut by..steered..taste used to be handsome👍

Samsul Affendi — Google overview






Seafood restaurant

Chinese restaurant

Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant is a favored dining space in Kuantan District, identified for its vary of seafood and extinct Malaysian Chinese trend dishes. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Beggar Rooster, and guests praise the toothsome flavors and generous portions. The ambiance has a extinct Malaysian layout, offering a thoroughly different cultural expertise. No topic being crowded every so steadily, the food is served fleet, with favorites including herbal rooster and prawns in Portuguese sauce.

Silent exceptional after so decades. Smartly-known for his or her beggar’s rooster (undergo in mind to call to e book a portion). But while you’re not coming for this dish, correct walk in. Other neatly-liked dishes embody the scorching prawns (that are a tiny bit of candy), Thai styled steamed tilapia. baked salted rooster and their tofu sopping wet in salted fish minced pork. This final dish could well be a tiny bit of tiny so suggest to scream an further tofu while you devour tofu dishes.

Claire Choo Ki Khoo — Google overview

Went on prolonged weekend and the position is crowded, but the waiting time isn’t very prolonged after we have now got placed our orders. The serving portion is generous and total the taste is kind of good, most steered are the chili steamed fish and pork ribs in yam pot. The stamp is inexpensive and steered to advance support here for native toothsome.

Wei Cong — Google overview

Extensive position but per my native Kuantan company caters extra in direction of vacationers (non native). Sign matching KL seafood restaurants. Extremely steered Salted fish scorching claypot Tofu, yam basket, beggar rooster, gentle steamed egg.

Jeff W H Lim — Google overview

Home cooked Cantonese food at a immense stamp. Seafood dishes are very new. The steam fish and salted egg squid is tasty.
As for the ambiance, we had been there st 4.30pm and share of the restaurant is facing west.. so it is immense scorching even supposing your total ceiling fans are turned on. I direct night will be extra snug.
Overall, while you’re taking a look for correct stamp, dwelling cooked, stable taste food, give it a are attempting.

Yew Foong Yeap — Google overview

Ambiance 4/5
Outdated malaysia trend 煮炒店 layout. But not that crowd.
Meals 5/5
Vary of seafood and Malaysia Chinese trend 煮炒. Beggar rooster is their signature.
Kind 5/5
Overall taste is correct and the portion is gargantuan. Genuine not happy the feel of beggar rooster when ingesting the breast share.
Provider 4/5
Extraordinary service with none shock.
Location 4/5
Since I’m not familiar Kuantan, I mediate the positioning peaceable acceptable they veritably got volunteer details the parking as correctly.

Chi Khang Siau — Google overview

Cheap and toothsome seafood position. Positively definitely worth the money and wait. There could well be quite a prolonged queue significantly on weekend after 7pm. Meals serving is snappy! Steamed fish is new. Asam fish taste immense too. Other favourites of mine could well per chance be the yam ring pork ribs, signature prawns and whisk fried French beans. The signature rooster 乞丐鸡 is extra devour herbal rooster. No longer what we anticipate but taste quite correct for me and the herbal soup is good too. Can scream their homemade soy as correctly (with out sugar) which is extremely wholesome.

Ki Yang Soo — Google overview

Pleasant workers! Very snappy service and terrific food taste! Wonderful portion dimension and decently priced as correctly!
Will absolutely advance support and test out the herbal rooster when I in actuality have the likelihood next round.

John Goh — Google overview

Don’t be mistake that that is a Malay restaurant! It is fully Chinese with extraordinarily correct food! Extremely steered the salted egg mantis prawn, must are attempting the rooster (even supposing they dash out of the herbal rooster). The steam rooster comes with very correct ginger sauce. The easy fried candy potatoes leave advance with gargantuan of wok hiya and proper garlic taste to not point out the crispy calamari.
5 star food in Kuantan. Oh originate reservations, it is packed your total time.

Alan Lok — Google overview

Rm32 for beggar rooster are you able to specialise in it
Absolute correct scale of enterprise
And toothsome on everything I ordered
Most importantly inexpensive

That you would possibly well simply be taken aback by the different of crowd however the velocity of serving is absolute ambiance friendly
Positively a gem and icon in Kuantan

Gorin Lambert — Google overview

It used to be steered by a blogger by you tube that is why we tried. It’s actual that it is vitally renowned,. before we hurry there we known as up for reservation and told us walk in most productive first advance 1St again. Nonetheless when we had been there we saw few tables had been reserved!🤔🤔. Fortunately we had been there are 530pm and 2 tables left on hand. It used to be already plump packed after 10 mins we arrived and folks are saved on coming. For us we would not suggest ingesting there particularly while you are already hungry. We waited for our food for forty five minutes. We ordered for six dishes. Simplest 1 dish used to be served and we waited for any other 20 minutes for any other 2 dishes to be served. The final 2 dish are served, the deer meat and greens. Which speculated to be served 1St since it be the easiest to cook dinner😔 it used to be if truth be told disappointing to devour there. Sure it used to be very renowned however the quality of their services and products had been sucks. The hygiene is extremely awful and the food taste isn’t very if truth be told that correct. We would also simply not return there again. Likewise, not steered!!!

Rhodj Tey — Google overview

Revel within the Tofu, the pork ribs in yam, and Assam fish alot. Other dishes okay. Reasonably fleet service, cheap stamp. Fried squid used to be moderate.

Chinese food restaurant

Christine Kuan — Google overview

A if truth be told neatly-liked restaurant in Kuantan. Nonetheless the kitchen churns out the food at an exceptional scuttle. We hadn’t even washed our hands and served the tea when the first dish reached the table. I’ve in no method mentioned this before but per chance the food came too snappy! Lol!

The food used to be in overall correct but a tiny bit heavy on the salt and MSG. The food – Natural/ Beggar’s Rooster (foil wrapped-highly steered); Taufoo with minced pork; Pork Ribs in Yam Basket; Spring Roll (highly steered; Kangkong with Belacan.

Be entertaining for a busy and noisy ambiance and sure significantly stuffy if truth be told feel. Costs are quite cheap.

John D’Cruz (Kajangfood) — Google overview

We arrived around 5pm, however the beggar’s rooster used to be already purchased out. The food used to be correct moderate, which used to be below our expectations, pondering the a form of correct opinions on Google. Both of the dishes we ordered had been very greasy. Nonetheless, essentially the most frustrating factor used to be the heart-broken-down Chinese lady working there. I’m unsure if she is among the shop house owners or correct an employee. She confirmed very unprofessional behavior and had a frightening attitude when we asked her to again us follow up on the lacking beverage scream; she simply answered, “I originate not know.” Afterward, we observed her offering awful service to other customers as correctly. Please finish dwelling while you additionally originate not know programs to behave professionally.

Grace — Google overview

Wonderful food, inexpensive stamp and the service is snappy. Our favourite dining every time me and my husband advance to kuantan. We ordered 4 dishes 1 fried rice and pay rm92. Stress-free meal.

Jocylyn Teoh — Google overview

Extremely suggest this seafood, you guys will happy discontinue of the meals.

Very cheap stamp👍

Have to are attempting the herbal rooster 👍👍👍

Kalaiarasan Muniandy — Google overview

I had an distinctive dining expertise at this Chinese restaurant! The service used to be lightning-snappy, and the menu boasted a huge vary of specialties. I significantly loved the claypot pork belly with salted fish and the Nonya fish—both bursting with flavor and expertly entertaining. The taste used to be simply exceptional, and I will’t wait to advance support to explore extra of their toothsome dishes. Extremely steered for someone craving authentic Chinese cuisine!

Niko vanBerlijn — Google overview

The restaurant is immense crowded for the length of weekend. Arrived at 6pm with reservation and before completed the food, already got customers stand beside and anticipating your table. Sign is inexpensive and portion is gargantuan. Overall food is acceptable but nothing impressed

Valyn Kuay — Google overview

Meals used to be served very fleet even supposing the restaurant used to be crowded. Appetizing to all dishes we ordered. Natural rooster, candy potato leaves and prawns in Portugese sauce.

The vegetable used to be most productive RM7 and we can in no method get this stamp at predominant cities in Malaysia. Rooster used to be so gentle and the prawns had been new and the sauce tasted a tiny bit of bitter.

On the down facet, the restaurant used to be a tiny bit of dash down and the washroom turned down the temper a tiny bit of bit.

Overall a if truth be told happy dinner with my wife and this used to be our first time here and it used to be lucky we picked the real different.

WF S. — Google overview

Extensive service by unker servers. Instant and friendly. Helps on discovering table. Continuously crowded even on weekdays. Meals cooked snappy. Very stable taste. Had teowchew steamed fish, claypot salted fish pork belly, potato leaves, minced pork tofu. Be entertaining for walk in diners standing next to your table.

WSL — Google overview

Simplest restaurants in Kuantan rooster herbal is signature your total food is extremely correct stamp cheap

rossy tarigan — Google overview




(Fifty three)

Bay Leaf Steak Dwelling is a steakhouse that has efficiently made it onto the checklist of top steak homes. This institution, which is owned by a family, specializes in serving delectable and spirited Western cuisine. With its bright ambiance, it provides essentially the most sharp atmosphere for a romantic dinner with your cherished one.

Had a appetizing supper here with immense lamp chops, crimson meat and fajitas…. Extensive friendly workers, correct food and proper vibes…. Must you taking a look for a correct supper then that is the position!

Aarifah Suliman — Google overview

Its such a at ease tiny restaurant!. Seems so aged faculty from its exterior but by golly, we loved everything! Meals including the chinese noodles to steaks had been cooked with excellence. Yum yum. Its someplace that you would be in a position to well per chance per chance originate sure that theres one thing for each person but be obvious everything is toothsome. Please enact originate reservations. BtW we had their particular which used to be their wagyu steak (300g at RM190) all people cherished it.

Lena Ng Mun Yee — Google overview

Immense different of menus. Nice ambiance and toothsome. Just and friendly workers. Recomended n no pork served

Faizi Mansor — Google overview

Meals had been not frightening, prices had been cheap too.
An everyday family friendly western restaurant.
Must you are yearning for western foods, this position won’t hurry atrocious.

Nicexplore — Google overview

The steak here is extremely correct. The workers here additionally very friendly and will again you a tumbler of water with out cost.

Jacky Koh — Google overview

Very top position for birthday dinner with family. Had extra costly food in thoroughly different locations in KL that can not even review here.
Accelerate for the steak. Perfectly done.

Alan CZC — Google overview

It started with the reservation self-discipline. The server on the dual carriageway didn’t know what to enact and effect the phone down. I had to call again to e book the table. Arriving, they did not have the reservation. The woman guilty managed to get us a table, though. We ordered as quickly as imaginable as they restaurant used to be filling up. The server wasn’t correctly expert. We asked for ice water, and he spoke back scorching water? After the orders had been taken, there had been no cutlery settings. The mushroom soup is kind of regular with a bun and a proper tiny butter. Prawn cocktail is again the same outdated prawns with cocktail sauce. Overall, the food regular is lower than par. The poached salmon sauce is the everyday Volute. Nonetheless, it is kind of bland. Reasonably of further seasoning or a splash of herbs would have done justice to the dish. The mushroom sauce that came with the blended grill lacked flavour. I’m not too sure if it used to be packed that precipitated the food quality to be extra desired or correct aged-faculty cooking trend. Nonetheless, the position is packed with a form of native clientèle. No to indicate that they additionally enact native food.

thai69girl — Google overview

All About Pahang – Kuantan

This used to be any other outing to Kuantan impartial nowadays, and the same outdated “western food” effect an state to by the younger ones. Did not are making an are attempting to hurry to Cherating Steak Dwelling and La Casa wasn’t opened that day, I fleet texted my friend and he precipitated me to Bay Leaf, a favored and established western restaurant in city.

Fortunately we made reservation earlier as the total restaurant used to be packed that day. They used to have alfresco and air-conditioning share but they’ve since lined up the total restaurant.

◾Complimentary bread – devour it when the breads had been warm.
◾Pumpkin soup & onion soup – handsome delivery to the dinner.
◾Scorching rooster ‘Bay Leaf’ – served on piping scorching scorching plate on a mattress of onion, the sunless pepper sauce used to be handsome to hurry with the gentle and moist poultry. The blueprint back used to be that the papadom used to be not crunchy, if truth be told borderline gentle.
◾Fisherman Decision – grilled salmon, crimson snapper, squid, prawn and Mornay oyster. Served with coleslaw and chips with cocktail sauce. All the pieces used to be completed competently.
◾Rooster & Pork Fajitas – grilled gentle of rooster on scorching skillet served with warm tortilla, tomato salsa, bitter cream, cheddar cheese and sauteed onion. The younger folks cherished these so great and nothing used to be left on the discontinue.

Introduced a bottle of wine and corkage applies.

Bay Leaf is with out problems in my permanent checklist of western restaurant to hurry while in Kuantan. My friend told me that the chef had ample expertise working as a chef for many restaurants before placing out on his possess.

Boon Loong Leo — Google overview

Love restaurant that serves western food. Grilled rooster and spaghetti taste moderate, banana pizza is one thing thoroughly different. Provider is correct and the staff is extremely friendly.

Yen Chou — Google overview

Meals used to be correct, service additionally correct. Nice host additionally. Most loved used to be the Mushroom soup and Garlic bread. Will absolutely drop by Bay Leaf on my next outing to Kuantan.

James Jeyaraj — Google overview

When we arrived, there used to be no table on hand as we didn’t originate any reservation. Nonetheless, one of the staff came out to reveal us that a table used to be on hand as a family had correct left.

The woman that used to be taking our orders used to be very affected person in explaining the menu and kinds of meat.

The Shitake Mushroom soup used to be if truth be told good. The Hainanese Rooster used to be not too frightening. More than seemingly extra sauce would had been better.

Eleanor Tan — Google overview

I incessantly devour their grilled lamb nick with mint sauce..friendly workers, generous lady boss. New oyster, mushroom soup, and grilled crimson snapper are my favourite. First trial on Lobster soup, correct.

Kit Yeng — Google overview

Appetizing western food that has been in Kuantan for decades! Meals is yummy, portions are generous and servers are friendly. Shiitake mushroom soup n lamb rack tastes correct and salmon used to be gentle. Effect is neatly-liked and crowded on a weekend night so could well per chance have a tiny bit of longer waiting time but servers are ambiance friendly.

Amanda Sam E Kok — Google overview






Seafood restaurant


Swan Seafood Restaurant is a favored seafood space positioned within the heart of Kuantan. Located on the floor floor of Resort Immense Continental, it be with out problems accessible for first-time guests to the city. The restaurant encourages guests to originate reservations in advance because of its recognition among seafood enthusiasts. Contemporary diners have raved about their expertise, significantly highlighting the Salted Egg Squid and Yam Basket as must-are attempting dishes for an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine.

Title: Distinctive Eating Skills at Swan Restaurant!

Ranking: 5/5 Stars

I impartial nowadays had the pleasure of dining at Swan Restaurant, and it used to be in actuality an unforgettable expertise!

The food used to be simply exceptional! Every dish used to be expertly entertaining, presented, and bursting with flavor. The menu offered a huge vary of alternate choices, and Mdm Aw’s concepts had been space on.

What in actuality sets Swan Restaurant apart, on the opposite hand, is the outstanding service. Mdm Aw used to be an expert, friendly, and she even customised a century egg dish for us which my wife requested, and it used to be done by the chef perfectly.

Throughout our 3 days outing in Kuantan we visited it twice and tried 5 extra dishes, and every time used to be a top notch culinary expertise. We wish we had extra time to test out the opposite stuff within the menu.

Briefly, Swan Restaurant is a must-talk over with streak space for someone looking out for an distinctive dining expertise.

We would highly suggest this restaurant and in our humble conception, that is largely the most productive restaurant in Kuantan.

It used to be dinner on a Saturday night. Ambiance and comfortable ambiance. The workers are worthwhile and hospitable. The food used to be priced not too costly. Though it be a Chinese cuisine restaurant it be HALAL..rightly so because it be share of a lodge..👍👍

T Chin — Google overview

Banquet trend restaurant.. Halal Chinese restaurant. Must you have time correct call and reserve first. Madam aw so kindful and additionally again to folks food different. We 5 of scream 9 dishes extra.. So tasty every food. The rooster and prawn taste if truth be told superior. Fish dimension very gargantuan. The stamp appears OK review to KL 😁😁

Promoth Narayanan — Google overview

Location: someplace within the taken aback lodge. Catastrophe . Car automobile parking space (B1) flood , no lights, freaking soiled.

Meals: tiny portions and costly.

Kind : decent.

Is just not going to advance support.

Abhinaya Revathy — Google overview

Nice feast trend restaurant. Halal Chinese cuisine. Super & snug. Been around for years. Pleasant & fleet service. Reservations are mandatory for the length of weekends. Bit costly. Parking on hand within the lodge.

We ordered quite loads of dishes for the 6 of us. Their arena of expertise ginger fried rice & homemade beancurd with asam sauce had been good. The others had been moderate at easiest. Give the hokkien mee a leave out because it be too candy. Parts had been quite tiny for the worth.

Overall a correct position for a distinct meal.

Subendra Thiruchelvam — Google overview

All used to be correct with the exception of for the prawn. Provider tip top. We loved our dinner very great. Will absolutely advance support again!

Val Tan — Google overview

The position is in Resort Gran continental kuantan…very gargantuan position n natty….hundreds seafood to make a decision on…must call n e book ..could well be busy for the length of holidays…food is correct …must are attempting if u in Kuantan….

Mohd Shahrizal Salleh — Google overview

All dishes tasted decent. Their homemade tofu used to be quite exceptional. 3 stars since the feel of the siakap fish used to be not correct and all dishes portion are too tiny.

Marvic Mumble — Google overview

Had a correct dine-in expertise at Swan Seafood. The most sharp dish I had is Indonesian Prawn. Staffs had been very attentive and friendly. Reasonably costly.

Dexter Chunk — Google overview

Our family regular CNY ingesting position every time our elders too drained or “sluggish” to cook dinner!! Swan Seafood quality is consistent, no frills, family-friendly dishes and steadily wont hurry atrocious with the dishes here.

TY Tham — Google overview

We are happy to make a decision on this restaurant and spend extra. We had 3 beans greens, flower crab (chilli trend), ginger fried rice and pomfret (soya sauce). Seasonal so stamp is increased. RM 310. Very new food, beautifully done. Just like the professionalism and ambiance friendly, and natty toilet.

Family Lee — Google overview

We ordered steam pomfret with ginger. The fish used to be not new. We complained they veritably took it to re cook dinner again. Got here out devour chewing gum. We complained again but nothing done – 140 ringgit for it most productive had 1 chunk Hokkien mee used to be a worry. Tasteless and too great soy sauce. Under no circumstances going to step in here anymore. Complete invoice came to 220 ringgit with Chinese tea.

Selvan Shan — Google overview

Went here for lunch and it used to be not crowded. Was as soon as a tiny bit skeptical when I went in as I used to be not aware it used to be a non pork serving restaurant.

We ordered about a dishes and it used to be served quite snappy. Overall your total dishes had been correctly cooked surprisingly and tasted correct devour celebrated Chinese restaurant dishes. Complete up to around Rm190.

Worth it and steered significantly while you aeei n a gargantuan personnel.

wai keng lee — Google overview

I impartial nowadays had an exceptional meal at Swan Restaurant Kuantan and mandatory to share my thoughts on about a standout dishes. First, the Salted Egg Squid used to be a winner—crispy squid lined in a rich and creamy salted egg yolk sauce. Subsequent, the Yam Basket stole the conceal with its crispy exterior and flavorful yam and blended mushroom filling. Must you’re taking a look for a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine, be obvious to test out these dishes at Swan Restaurant Kuantan. You won’t be dissatisfied!

Y Ling — Google overview

10Howin Seafood Restaurant





very tasty food at an cheap stamp. Girl boss additionally very friendly.

then yue wong — Google overview

1st time visited the position after seeing correct overview on this position. It used to be not disappointing. The woman who takes our scream patiently conceal every dishes that they’ve. There isn’t very any menu/stamp when scream. We correct scream without lengthen with the woman. The stamp appears quite cheap and portion is gargantuan. We ordered salted egg squid, candy & bitter pork, signature taufu and whisk fried dragon chives beans sprout, 3 bowl of rice, 2 chinese tea, and 1 bottle of 100plus. Complete invoice is RM 78.
Kind practical is correct with the exception of the vegetable correct so so. No wok hei. We went for the length of late dinner and the restaurant is packed.

Su Fen Tan — Google overview

A easy air cond position with correct seafood at very cheap stamp. The woman boss is extremely worthwhile, considerate and has immense customer support.

Share of dishes is gargantuan and tasty.

When we complained regarding the freshness of the fish, she all of the sudden took it away. No questions asked. Requested what to indicate as a replace, she idea regarding the decision of my broken-down mom too. At the discontinue, she is OK by correct not having any replace dish. 5 star service.

This position is alway plump. Have to e book forward.

KF Yoon — Google overview

The foods are if truth be told food. 5 stars for the quality
And the worth is believed about low-stamp.

uyen nguyen — Google overview

The fish used to be very correct. One thing thoroughly different. The woman boss is friendly and worthwhile in recommending food. Restaurant is a tiny bit noisy.

Julian S Excel — Google overview

Heard that this restaurant can get very packed so we arrived for reservation at 6:30pm. By 7:30pm, the position is already filled without a tables on hand. The food used to be cooked if truth be told correctly and served quite snappy. We ordered curry fish with greens, green dragon chive greens with bean sprouts (青龙菜), pork with yam, onion fried rooster (洋葱鸡) and a tofu dish – not salty and but very flavorful. The rooster used to be very crispy with a candy but a tiny bit of animated chili ketchup sauce. The curry fish had a fragrant curry spice kick with lemongrass notes but not overpowered by santan. Wonderful portions and immense stamp.

Charel Ong — Google overview

We arrived around 6.30pm. And proper correctly timed. There used to be already 2 table filled. If truth be told virtually a different of tables already had reservations. Was as soon as a correct factor that we came early. Though there used to be already quite loads of tables already seated, the food service is kind of fleet. We ordered the Salted Eggs Sotong, Dragon leaf vegetable, Scorching Tahu with Salted fish and steamed prawns with egg.
The portion dimension used to be immense and tasty. Your total dishes had been seasoned correctly. The woman boss used to be surely very friendly making the position very unpleasant. It must a celebrated position with the locals.

thai69girl — Google overview

Pleasant lady boss. Better to hurry and devour early while you are most productive having 2 or 3 seaters. Colossal crowd is steered to e book a table with them earlier. Ordered the fish glazed with sambal, dragon vegs with beansprout & omelette.

Lilian Yee — Google overview

Tried going with out booking on father’s day they veritably had been fully booked. Made a booking for the following day for 4. Had Siakap lemon steamed, kung poh prawns, signature tow fu with minced pork and fried vegetable dish. Costs had been very cheap.

hock wah hoo — Google overview

Ordered takeaway and all dishes had been if truth be told correct! The signature pork ribs, curry pork, steamed rooster, braised beancurd had been all very tasty.

Wong Music Wei — Google overview

Got here here for dinner with family. The staffs services and products are OK they veritably’re correct with recommending the foods. Ordered veggies, tofu, pork and rooster. The foods are correct, quite heavy a tiny bit on the taste. Ordered Chinese sugar cane for drink and it used to be OK. Costs are OK, could well per chance also simply be increased while you scream seafoods.

Jia Pin Lee — Google overview

274, Jalan Air Putih, Taman Penisular, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia+60 9-566 8820

I could in no method race to Kuantan with out this outing planner again

11Kak Long Ikan Bakar Petai





Completely closed

Seafood restaurant

Kak Long Ikan Bakar Petai is an distinctive seafood eatery that receives astronomical praise. This restaurant will be the tip different among food enthusiasts because of its prominent qualities. With a appealing ambiance and delectable cuisine, Kak Long guarantees a outstanding dining expertise for all guests. Customers are captivated by the institution’s impressive menu different that essentially makes a speciality of seafood delicacies cooked to perfection.

Mohd Faris Sazwan Bin Abdul Halim — Google overview

Tasteless food, frightening survice,not every the keep. Their glass not natty and taste of soap.It’s disapointing

Nurulbaity Reminiscence — Google overview

(Translated by Google) Very frightening service. It used to be so behind that many customers left with out getting grilled fish. Employees enact not know which table to again. There isn’t very any grilled fish menu administration gadget so many customers get the atrocious menu. IT IS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED TO COME.

Servis amat teruk. Amat lambat sehinggakan ramai pelanggan keluar tanpa mendapat ikan bakar. Pekerja langsung tidak tahu mana meja untuk diservis. Sistem pengurusan menu ikan bakar tiada sehinggakan ramai pelanggan mendapat menu yang salah. AMAT TIDAK DIGALAKKAN UNTUK DATANG.

NOR ZAMAN MOHD YUSOF — Google overview

(Translated by Google) Unsatisfactory cooking, lack of cleanliness and extremely behind.

Masakan tidak memuaskan, kurang kebersihan dan sangat lambat.

Mohd Yazid Hairuddin — Google overview

(Translated by Google) Simplest


Muhamad Zairudi — Google overview

Jalan Tanjung Lumpur, Perkampungan Tanjung Lumpur, 26060 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia+60 13-609 7832

12Restaurant dan Kafe Santai




Seafood restaurant

Restaurant and Cafe Santai is a seafood eatery that provides a form of dishes including unicorn leather jacket (ikan barat/ayam), battered squid, seafood tomyam, flower crab with salted egg yolk, and whisk-fried morning glory. The highlight of the menu is the flavorful flower crab with its rich and crispy salted egg yolk coating. Priced at RM122, the invoice for the meal is inexpensive pondering the quality of food served.

Serving Thai food and seafood. Seems correctly maintained and the decoration is extremely good. Supplied with indoor and outdoors keep of living to customer.

shahrul nizam mohamad shah — Google overview

We had unicorn leatherjacket(Ikan barat/ayam), battered squid, seafood Tomyam, flower crab with salted egg yoke and whisk fried morning glory. The flower crab used to be our favourite. Smartly off in egg yoke, crispy and crunchy. Have to are attempting. The invoice used to be RM122. Nice ambiance and cat friendly. We arrived at 7pm. Did not wait prolonged for our food. The restaurant gets busy an hour later. Provider used to be appealing. Give it a are attempting.

Jenny Lee — Google overview

Santai used to be as soon as my celebrated restaurant but not anymore. Meals wasn’t devour what it used to be. Butter prawn overcooked and dry. Siakap 3 rasa has so tiny sauce however the fish is new. Dissapointing!

Ezan Ramli — Google overview

The ambiance used to be cozy and you would devour with extra privateness. The food used to be ample, but not distinctive. The ikan bakar used to be correct so-so most productive. Nonetheless, the sotong goreng tepung telur asin (fried squid salted egg) used to be toothsome.

zukh — Google overview

We found this position by likelihood, as most of the restaurants had been packed with folks. This position used to be too however the flip over used to be quicker as the the restaurant’s space is kind of large. We had to attend for virtually an hour for our food to be served. The wait used to be worth it as the food used to be toothsome and cooked correctly even with the high quantity of guests. The total anount we paid for the food (4 pax) used to be 233.40

Farah Bella — Google overview

We ordered combo D – RM175
It is ample for six adults.

But, We added menu on sotong goreng tepung, and sotong salted egg, 1 extra addition fish, and kerang rebus. Complete stamp rm354. The stamp is regular with the quantity we ordered. But, the taste not as correct as Restaurant Daniel Chan restaurant, Sekinchan.

The combo D is encompass 7 dishes, two of the dish is exceptional and toothsome too! Have to are attempting if it’s fit your price range.
– Homok seafood
– Daging daddew.

Others menu which is correct too
– fish goreng 3 rasa
– kerabu mangga
– sotong salted egg
– sotong goreng tepung

Menu will must peaceable maintain some distance from, not at my expectation
– The stim fish
– udang butter
– kailan ikan masin
– kerang rebus. The kerang isn’t very natty.

Ambiance is cosy. No longer crowded as other locations. The patron service is 3/5, not so friendly but peaceable entertain our effect an state to. Accurate for my disable mom since it’s large for a wheel chair.

Fir Mohd — Google overview

Found this position by likelihood after many locations are plump. The situation up and atmosphere is cosy. The foods are toothsome and correctly cooked. Ikan stim limau, essentially the most productive. Procure been to others in Tanjung Lumpur keep of living, that is largely the most productive so some distance. In the case of pricing it be cheap and most essential all my family loved the foods. One in all the staff a Bangladesh man, Mohd Jasim is extremely worthwhile and pleasent . Extremely steered to others if occurs to be in Kuantan.

Suhairy Sayuti — Google overview

The food used to be correct. Atmosphere and ambiance used to be cozy and comfortable. Prizes are cheap which displays on the taste of the food. The most sharp blueprint back is the prolonged waiting time. 1 total hour of waiting patiently but additionally understandable because of high different of customers.

Azri Aris — Google overview

Our foods had been so tasty and surprisingly low-stamp.. The ambiance is extremely stress-free. Hundreds thoroughly different seating to your liking. Procure indoor and outdoors seating. The position is actual beside a busy avenue but as soon as entered, you’ll forgot to not mention hear the visitors. Instructed

Hidayah Sidek — Google overview

Lot 29573, Kampung Teluk Baharu, 26060 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia+60 11-1127 4976

Other easiest-of categories in Kuantan

In trend avenue trips from Kuantan

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