Whereas you’re planning a budge back and forth to South Korea, it’s seemingly you’ll perchance presumably presumably want heard of more than a few apps to download to make exhaust of to form your lifestyles a shrimp more straightforward. The largest one to talk about is per chance navigation apps, as a result of truth Google Maps hasn’t been ready to plan South Korea for ages, which manner the Google Maps interface in the country is from years serve.

Kakao and Naver personal the lead by diagram of navigation apps in Korea, and I downloaded each and each with a file right here on what it’s desire to make exhaust of every and each after travelling via Busan and Seoul.

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Planning Before You Bolt

When travelling via other countries, I concept my itinerary using Google Maps, including eating areas and areas of pursuits to my starred checklist. Naturally, I tried to set up the same with KakaoMap and Naver.

When attempting up areas in English, I stumbled on KakaoMap to be a shrimp more English-pleasant.

Alternatively, it become unusual on each and each KakaoMap and Naver Method to no longer be ready to derive any finally ends up in English (I stumbled on this happen more on the total with notify eating areas). Following which, simply enter the name of which space you’d desire to poke on Google to accumulate the name of mentioned space in Korean, which you’ll most with out a doubt be ready to then hit upon on each and each apps.

For the most authorized areas of pursuits although, you’ll be ready to accumulate them in English on the apps.

I exhaust the critiques and photos a lot on Google Maps to derive a wiser in actuality feel of a space earlier than going, especially of cafes and eating areas, and KakaoMap wins over Naver Method by diagram of person-generated shriek material with the a immense number of photos supplied. Experiences are largely in Korean although.

Steal the stylish and buzzed about merchandising machine cafe in Seoul by the name of ZAPANGI, KakaoMap shows a huge name rating with person-generated critiques (to boot to weblog critiques) and photos of the cafe and meals uploaded by users.

On the Ground in South Korea

In South Korea itself, opening KakaoMap prompts a shrimp portray about how your plan on the plan might per chance perchance presumably also very properly be 50 metres some distance from your steady plan.

Veritably, I stumbled on Naver to be diagram more appropriate with your steady plan.

Alternatively, when using the plan carrier to resolve where to poke, Naver Method glorious affords a dot on the plan, while KakaoMap affords an arrow head to portray you the path you’re heading in, which I stumbled on incredibly priceless to be obvious that I become headed the upright diagram. Again, it might per chance perchance per chance perchance presumably also no longer continually be the most appropriate (right like Google Maps), nonetheless it with out a doubt helped.

When using the apps for public transport instructions to a space, each and each Naver and Kakao are detailed, offering you with bus terminate or subway plan records, fares you’ll rely upon to pay, and the distances you’ll desire to stride.

Alternatively, right here is where Naver and Kakao fluctuate the most and makes Naver the better option at this stage⁠— bus and prepare records is all in Korean on KakaoMap, and in English on Naver.

It become fine when using the bus, as bus numbers are acknowledged the vogue you’d rely upon them to, and I’d simply form my technique to the notify bus terminate even when I couldn’t be taught the name of the terminate in Korean.

Alternatively, when using the subway, Naver affords you the entire thing in English (explore under, with a comparability of the same route on KakaoMap on the left and Naver Method on the upright), including the names of stations, which path your prepare might per chance perchance presumably also aloof be sprint for, which door to exit from (the upright or left of prepare), and the names of the other stations on your route that you simply’ll poke by, to boot to which exit of the subway plan to rob to succeed on your closing destination.

Each and each apps affords you the same routes, on the total the less pricey routes reach up first, to boot to the faster or more helpful ones with less changes, so at this level, Naver is the highest to make exhaust of, except you’re familiar with the Korean language.


I performed up using each and each Kakao Method and Naver Method interchangeably while in Korea, Kakao as I’d already starred all my favourites there (although Naver is fine for this plan too), however most helpfully to see person-generated photos of a space, to boot to using the arrow head when using the plan-primarily based fully mostly carrier for instructions.

Alternatively, I mature Naver more for planning my routes, for the detailed instances, fares and the entire thing, however principally because the entire thing is in English.

When navigating a foreign places metropolis and attempting to familiarise your self with a brand recent subway machine, having them written in English helped a lot, especially with selecting the fair platform to rob the prepare from.

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Therefore, for folks that glorious personal room on your cellular phone for one navigation app, I’d download Naver.

One other priceless app for the subway is KakaoMetro, however I by no manner stumbled on the need for it as the plan applications already give you the critical records.