10 Most productive Locations to Discuss over with in South Korea

10 Most productive Locations to Discuss over with in South Korea

Occupying the southern half of the Korean Peninsula is the nation of South Korea. Entirely clear and just from neighboring North Korea, South Korea is a completely accepted, enticing and thrilling destination for travelers. Necessary cities love Seoul offers the fun of an urban metropolis alongside with implausible nightlife and a likelihood to behold basically the most recent technological marvel.

However, South Korea is additionally home to scenic nationwide parks and quite lots of areas the attach aside you must decelerate and revel within the atmosphere. From islands off the flit to the fearsome border zone within the center of the Korean Peninsula, there are endless issues to assemble, seek files from and explore to your next shuttle to South Korea.

10. Suwon[SEE MAP]


The city of Suwon is the capital of Gyeonggi Province, and it’s honest 30 km (20 miles) outdoor of Seoul. It’s simply accessible from Seoul by automotive or prepare, however it in general disregarded by travelers.

When you occur to consult with, you’ll be ready to gaze the World Cup Stadium, affectionately known as Monumental Chicken, that hosted the quarter finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. When you occur to’re no longer a soccer fan, head in its attach aside to the historic 18th century Hwaseong Fortress, the attach aside you must tour the structure and even are trying your hand at archery on the premises.

9. Chuncheon[SEE MAP]


Surrounded by scenic lakes and towering mountains in Chuncheon, the capital city of Gangwon Province. Chuncheon is the distance of a typical Korean soap opera known as Chilly weather Sonata, and rather just a few guests within the city arrive to gaze just a few of basically the most standard filming areas.

Completely different travelers arrive for the food, on yarn of Chuncheon is is named a foodie’s paradise. After touring predominant points of interest love the Soyang Dam, Statue Park or Cheongpyeong-sa Temple, head to Dakgalbi Boulevard. This boulevard aspects the dish dakgalbi, a grilled rooster meal with engaging greens and rice. Dozens of keen areas on the boulevard offer the identical iconic dish, every providing diminutive adaptations on the recipe.

8. Busan[SEE MAP]


The second largest city within the entire nation is Busan. It’s additionally a predominant port, and it’s known for boasting fine seashores as effectively as scorching springs and opportunities for outside recreation. Busan’s Gamcheon Cultural Village, is named the Santorini of Korea, is a stunningly vivid hillside neighborhood overlooking the water.

Whereas in Busan, you’ll additionally relish the likelihood to consult with lots of temples, basically the most standard of which is Beomeosa Temple. Whereas the city boasts the entire taking a tag and museums you must question from an urban rental of its size, just a few of basically the most standard points of interest comprise Haeundae Sea mosey, Taejongdae Park and the fine Nakdong River Estuary Migratory Chicken Sanctuary.

7. Jeonju[SEE MAP]


On the height of the Joseon Dynasty, Jeonju grow to be once its spiritual capital. On the present time, Jeonju is stuffed with temples and museums and is one among the very finest areas to consult with in South Korea. When you occur to prefer to comprise the local culture and obtain to know its history, fabricate your system to the Jeonju Hanok Village.

There, you must seek files from former homes from the early Twentieth century, fabricate the previous Hanji paper or sip the within the neighborhood made soju. One more standard attraction within the city is the spectacular Jeonju National Museum, home to a staggering collection of artifacts. Whereas in Jeonju, are trying the popular Korean dish Bibimbap, which in the starting up comes from this space.

6. Seoraksan National Park[SEE MAP]

Seoraksan National Park

When you occur to prefer to head mountain hiking, seek files from the very finest known mountain vary in South Korea or honest obtain some legend photography, then fabricate clear you consult with the Seoraksan National Park. Interior the park you’ll uncover pine forests, jagged and rocky mountain peaks, crystal clear streams and gorgeous lakes.

Seoraksan National Park is additionally home to over 2,000 animal species. Delivery your consult with at the National Park Customer Centre, the attach aside you must gain free maps in English and Korean. Then, revel within the miles and miles of signposted mountain hiking trails that crisscross the entire park.

5. Andong[SEE MAP]


At greater than 2,000 years, Andong is sometimes ceaselessly known as the Capital Metropolis of Korean Non secular Culture. Most certainly basically the major attraction within the city is the Andong Hahoe Folk Village, the attach aside local cultural heritage has been preserved and is shared with guests.

However, it’s foodies that will most revel in a consult with to Andong. The city boasts all styles of local specialties, starting up with a popular rooster and noodle dish known as jjimdak. Andong is additionally home to a special invent of alcohol known as soju, so relish a sip old to you plod away the city.

4. Jeju Island[SEE MAP]

Jeju Island

Off the southern flit of South Korea is Jeju Island, the nation’s finest Particular Independent Province. Nicknamed Island of the Gods, Jeju is a subtropical destination is named one among the discontinue honeymoon and shuttle spots in South Korea. Besides to fine seashores, lava tubes and lush inexperienced surroundings, Jeju boasts a prolonged list of tourist points of interest and amusement parks.

You are going to acquire to know the local culture at the Seongeup Folklore Village, otherwise you must consult with Glass Castle, a theme park that revolves around glass sculptures. Most certainly the oddest and most controversial attraction in Jeju is Loveland, a theme park featuring romantic and adults-finest points of interest.



The DMZ, or demilitarized zone, is the boundary rental between North and South Korea. It’s thought to be a waste-fireplace zone. Whereas travelers can consult with the DMZ, no longer all areas of the zone are protected. Most productive a minute fragment of the DMZ, is named the JSA or Joint Security Situation, is inaugurate to the general public.

Within the JSA, you must bodily stand in North Korea, though that you just can well be within a building that additionally properties South Korean troopers. That you just must well well presumably additionally consult with a North Korean reward store that sells stamps, wine and forex from North Korea. Undergo in suggestions that the very finest system to consult with the DMZ is on a licensed and guided tour.

2. Gyeongju[SEE MAP]


Gyeongju is the outdated college capital of what grow to be once once the Silla Kingdom. This makes the city greater than 2,000 years ancient. Gyeongju is an implausible destination that boasts a likelihood of temples and cultural fairs. Delivery your stopover at the Bulguksa Temple, a honest masterpiece of Buddhist faith and art that dates relief to the eighth century. Then, hike up from the temple to the Seokguram Grotto for even extra Buddhist culture and artifacts.

Don’t miss the Covered Market, a gaggle of distributors selling every little thing from Silla souvenirs to freshly made Korean delicacies.

1. Seoul[SEE MAP]

#1 of Most productive Locations To Discuss over with In South Korea

Seoul is by some distance the largest city in South Korea and a predominant destination in East Asia. When you occur to’re spending any time within the nation, there’s a appropriate likelihood you’ll be visiting Seoul at some level. There is now not any waste to the points of interest within the city, however many guests inaugurate with just a few of the diversified palaces located in Seoul.

Prime picks comprise the implausible Gyeongbok-gung and the 15th century Changdeok-gung. You’ll additionally uncover outdated college temples and shrines, fine public parks, reducing-edge invent, taking a tag retail outlets and just a few of the very finest cuisine in all of Asia.

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