Asia-Europe Cultural Competition – Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)

Asia-Europe Cultural Competition – Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)

The Competition celebrates the importance of inventive diversity through a series of online and offline events all 365 days prolonged. It also enables for enhanced opportunities for dialogue and exchange amongst artists from both the areas.

The COVID-19 pandemic bolstered the necessity to bring other folks collectively to encourage others across widely dispersed communities through their pretty various experiences and present comfort whereas coping with quick challenges. The richness and diversity of inventive expressions from Asia and Europe beget supplied significant solace to other folks in these areas as they’ve coped with physical isolation and unsafe instances.

As we now emerge into a put up-pandemic world, there is better settle on to promote mutual determining through shared experiences. The Asia-Europe Cultural Competition plays a needed feature in this context by developing a platform for elevating consciousness about diversified cultures, enabling global exchange and offering boards for dialogue between the Asian and European communities.

The Asia-Europe Cultural Competition contributes to the implementation of SDG 11.4 (safeguarding intangible cultural heritage) by presenting various broken-down sorts of inventive expressions among public audiences; SDG 8.9 (promote local culture and merchandise) by highlighting the humanities of the host country; and, SDG 17.17 (support and promote public-deepest and civil society partnerships) by enabling govt-civil society partnerships to promote inventive diversity.

In 2022, the Asia-Europe Cultural Competition: Cultures Join will rob space on 26 & 27 November 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. A public arts festival, Cultures Join, is co-organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the European Union.

2022 Edition programme:

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