20 High-Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey

20 High-Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Written by Jess Lee
Up to this level Would possibly presumably well per chance 11, 2023

Writer Jess Lee lives in Turkey and has been writing about traveling in Turkey for over a decade. She has authored quite lots of stir guidebooks to the nation.

Packed to the brim with extinct monuments left over from a parade of empires, and endowed with showcase scenery that never fails to mark, Turkey is an excellent-making an strive destination that straddles Asia and Europe.

Ruins in Ephesus, Turkey
Ruins in Ephesus, Turkey

Its vibrant tradition, properly-known food, and immense history wow all who challenge right here, while its stunning landscapes, from the solar-soaked Mediterranean to the mighty mountains and arid steppe, are vacationer attractions in themselves.

Whether or now not you admire to hope to lap up the Byzantine and Ottoman glories of Istanbul on a metropolis destroy, laze on the sea spin, delve into history wandering by procedure of ruins corresponding to Ephesus, or sight one of the necessary most enviornment’s most surreal panoramas in Pamukkale and Cappadocia, this nation provides web site visitors a huge assortment of things to attain.

For ideas on the very best places to instruct about with be taught our checklist of the tip vacationer attractions in Turkey.

1. Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) Mosque

Aya Sofya
Aya Sofya

Highlight: Snatch up the majestic inner of in actual fact one of Istanbul’s most iconic buildings

Famend as in actual fact one of presumably the most swish buildings on the earth, the entertaining Byzantine glory of the Hagia Sophia Mosque (Aya Sofya) is now not most effective in actual fact one of many tip things to attain in Istanbul, nonetheless moreover in Turkey.

Built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 537 CE, it is properly-most ceaselessly called the Byzantine Empire’s finest architectural fulfillment and has remained the enviornment’s ideal church for 1,000 years.

The staggering bulk of its exterior is rimmed by the sexy minarets added after the Ottoman conquest, while the lush and cavernous frescoed inner is a big reminder of broken-down Constantinople’s could and energy.

This infamous monument is a must-attain for every and every vacationer visiting the nation.

2. Ephesus


Highlights: Crane your neck on the Library of Celsus, hike up the cavea of the Mountainous Theater, and stroll amid the ruins of this extinct metropolis

No longer to be neglected, the mighty atomize of Ephesus is a metropolis of immense monuments and marble-columned roads.

One in all presumably the most total, gathered-standing infamous cities of antiquity within the Mediterranean plot, this is the plot to skills what lifestyles will deserve to had been admire for the period of the golden age of the Roman Empire.

The metropolis’s history dates relief to the Tenth century BCE, nonetheless presumably the most necessary monuments you sight on the present time all date from its Roman generation when it was as soon as a thriving industrial center.

In particular, the Library of Celsus, the advanced of frescoed terraced properties, and the Mountainous Theater all show off the wealth and importance of Ephesus for the period of the Roman period.

A sightseeing outing right here will rob now not lower than half of a day to duvet presumably the most necessary highlights and longer, even as you in actuality are making an strive to explore, so assemble sure you intend your consult with so that you don’t in actual fact feel rushed.

3. Cappadocia


Highlights: Snatch up panoramic views from a hot-air balloon, hike within valleys of volcanic rock, and marvel at cave-chapel Byzantine art

The surreal, swooping rock valleys of Cappadocia are each and every photographer’s dream.

Cliff ridges and hill crests are home to rippling panoramas of wave-admire rock or wacky-formed pinnacles which had been formed by millennia of wind and water action.

And even as you don’t in actual fact feel admire hiking for the views, this is in actual fact one of many enviornment’s high destinations to rob a hot-air balloon slide.

Nestled in this distinctive lunar-admire panorama are the frescoed rock-chop churches and cave-chop architecture of the Byzantine Generation, when this converse was as soon as home to monastic Christian communities.

In particular, the a pair of cave-churches of Göreme Start-Air Museum and Ihlara Valley are home to a pair of of the very best examples of surviving mid-Byzantine-generation non secular art on the earth.

Cappadocia’s villages, half of hewn into the hillsides, where travelers sinister themselves to explore the surrounding countryside, are moreover an appeal in themselves, with their boutique accommodations that will enable you to mattress down in a cave with paunchy up to date comforts.

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4. Topkapı Palace

Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace

Highlights: Soak up the Ottoman finery amid the salons of the sultans

Luxurious previous belief, Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace takes you into the fantastical, opulent world of the Sultans.

It was as soon as from right here, for the period of the 15th and 16th centuries, that the sultans of the Ottoman generation carved out an empire that would lengthen up into Europe and down by procedure of the Center East and into Africa.

The interiors, with their decadently exuberant tiling and lavish jeweled decor, are an unforgettable gaze into the Ottoman’s energy sinister.

In particular, don’t pass over the Imperial Council building, where the empire’s industrial was as soon as performed by the Gigantic Vizier; the arms assortment displayed within the Imperial Treasury; the enviornment-class assortment of limited paintings; and the worthy-making an strive Harem rooms, which had been designed by the infamous Ottoman architect Sinan.

The encompassing public gardens had been as soon as the sole enviornment of the Royal Court docket nonetheless are in actuality start to the public and provide a unruffled, green respite from the metropolis streets.

5. Pamukkale


Highlights: Hike up the infamous white terraces, swim within the vintage pool, then rob within the views from the tip tier of the theater’s cavea

One in all Turkey’s most properly-known pure wonders, the pure white travertine terraces of Pamukkale (“Cotton Castle” in English) cascade down the slope taking a witness admire an out-of-plot snowfield amid the fairway panorama.

Despite the proven fact that the travertines are themselves a highlight of a Turkey outing, the immense and rambling ruins of Greco-Roman Hierapolis, an extinct spa town, lie scattered across the summit of this calcite hill.

After exploring the extinct theater, with its views across the countryside, and the remnants of the metropolis’s agora, gymnasium, necropolis, and gigantic gates, it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably swim within the mineral-rich waters which made this extinct spa town properly-known, within the vintage pool.

Later on, stroll down the travertine hill, wading by procedure of the pools of water within the better terraces, to the minute trendy village of Pamukkale under.

For the very best photos, attain at dusk when the travertines glow as the solar sinks under the horizon.

6. Antalya

Picturesque Antalya
Picturesque Antalya

Highlights: Stroll the twisty lanes of the broken-down town, sloth on the sea spin, or start yourself out on history-filled trips amid the hilltop ruins of the hinterland

This bustling Mediterranean hub has one thing for each person.

The 2 indispensable beaches start air of town are solar-sloth heaven in summer and attract holidaymakers from across Europe. While the broken-down town converse, cushty correct within the center of town, with its cobblestone alleyways rimmed by creaky Ottoman-generation mansions, is an dazzling plot to explore.

The Antalya Museum is correctly-most ceaselessly called in actual fact one of many nation’s most effective, with an unprecedented assortment of Hellenistic and Roman marble statuary, and there are bags of attractions start air of town for travelers who are making an strive to make train of Antalya as a sinister.

In particular, Antalya is an easy sinister for day trips to a pair of of Turkey’s most properly-known Greco-Roman ruins, including Aspendos and Perge, which may per chance be ethical start air the metropolis, and the city of Facet, with its glut of ruins.

7. Cruising the Mediterranean

Yachts moored conclude to Fethiye
Yachts moored conclude to Fethiye

Highlight: Ride Turkey’s dramatic coastline from the sea on a scenic unhurried-stir stir

Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline has ruins galore and quite lots of things to attain, nonetheless for many folks, or now not it is all about soaking up the solar while playing the graceful coastal views.

Cruising on a yacht is the amount one activity for web site visitors to Bodrum and Fethiye for ethical reason. The steep forest-clad slopes, hidden coves wearing tiny white-sand beaches, and quite lots of of of scattered islands are the acceptable plot for exploring by sea. Even diehard landlubbers shall be impressed.

One in all presumably the most properly-known trips is is known as the Blue Cruise and travels from Fethiye south down the float unless disembarking conclude to Olympos, home to the properly-known pure phenomenon of the Chimaera.

8. Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut
Mount Nemrut

Highlight: Hike up to the summit to witness the solar rise over the mountaintop ruins

The quit sightseeing drawcard for jap Turkey, Mount Nemrut’s summit funerary mound is scattered with the broken remnants of as soon as immense statues, which guarded it.

This unfamiliar and lonely plot has to be in actual fact one of Turkey’s most absorbing archaeological websites. The enormous stone heads of lengthy-forgotten gods ogle out from the summit, casting an eerie ambiance over the barren mountaintop.

The summit’s building works are the work of Antiochus I, ruler of the Commagene Kingdom, which lay right here within the buffer plot between the Roman and Parthian empires.

Antiochus I devoted this gigantic funerary mound to himself as a showcase of his importance, elevating a 50-meter-excessive man made height on Mount Nemrut’s summit after which decorating it with statues of himself and different gods.

Basically the most smartly-liked time to instruct about with is at morning time, so that it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably seek for the statues as they loom out of the black.

9. Ölüdeniz

Paragliding over Oludeniz
Paragliding over Oludeniz

Highlights: Turkey’s tandem paragliding hub, resort residing, and idle sea spin lifestyles

Impossibly turquoise-blue water. Test. Lush green forest tumbling down a cliff to a white-sand sea spin. Test. The sheltered inlet of Ölüdeniz, ethical a short stir from Fethiye, is Turkey’s most properly-known sea spin, and with scenery that would as properly accept as true with fallen off a ultimate postcard, or now not it is simple to witness why its recognition hasn’t waned.

If the sea spin will get too crowded, or now not it is time to rob to the skies and skills the beautiful aerial views on a tandem paragliding dive off the summit of mighty Babadağ (Mount Baba), which rises up on the relief of the shore.

Oh, did we level out that Ölüdeniz is in actual fact one of many enviornment’s high paragliding destinations? Test.

10. Aspendos

Roman Theater of Aspendos
Roman Theater of Aspendos

Highlight: Esteem this monumental relic of Roman rule

Appropriate south of the resort metropolis of Antalya, the jaw-losing immense bulk of the Roman Theater of Aspendos celebrates the pomp and ceremony of Marcus Aurelius’ rule.

Belief to be the very best surviving instance of a classical age theater gathered standing on the earth, the extremely restored, 15,000-seat theater is in actual fact one of antiquity’s megastar attractions.

Despite the proven fact that the theater is the indispensable reason for a consult with right here (and for many web site visitors on a half of-day out from nearby Antalya or Facet, the theater is all they sight) the Aspendos problem provides plenty more ruins to explore.

There are remnants of an aqueduct, agora, stadium, and a Byzantine-generation basilica, all scattered over the immense hillside converse right here surrounding the theater.

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11. Patara

Patara Seashore
Patara Seashore

Highlights: Hike amid the Lycian ruins then relax out on Turkey’s longest sea spin

With this kind of lengthy Mediterranean coastline, there’s a sea spin for every and every get hold of of solar worshipper in Turkey, nonetheless Patara is among its most properly-known swathes of sand.

Trailing for 18 kilometers along the shoreline, the sea spin provides quite lots of plot, so even within the height of summer, it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably gathered get hold of a soundless space a long way-off from the crowds.

Including to the skills, ethical on the relief of the sand, are the immense ruins of Frail Patara, which encompass a colonnaded aspect road, restored bouleuterion (the parliament of the metropolis), and a theater that sat 5,000 of us.

When it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably even accept as true with got had your beget of solar, sand, and swimming, tear on the relief of the sand dunes and explore the crumbling remnants of this as soon as-prosperous Lycian metropolis.

Patara is with out effort reached from each and every Kas and Fethiye.

12. Pergamum


Highlights: Panoramic vistas across the ruins and surrounding hills from the Acropolis and theater

Turkey has an abundance of Greco-Roman ruins, nonetheless none could also very properly be so romantically positioned as extinct Pergamum in trendy-day Bergama.

As soon as home to in actual fact one of many extinct world’s most necessary libraries (which rivaled Alexandria’s library in prominence) and home to the infamous scientific school bustle by Galen, Pergamum’s final temple remnants now preside dramatically across a hilltop.

It’s an incredibly atmospheric plot to explore. The Acropolis converse with its theater chop into the hillside holds presumably the most stays and provides sweeping panoramic views across the countryside.

Under, the Asklepion converse is home to the ruins of the metropolis’s properly-known scientific center.

It’s a long way a mighty plot to instruct about with even as you admire to hope to win a right in actual fact feel for lifestyles within the Classical generation.

Pergamon Design - Tourist Attractions
Pergamon Design – Attractions (Historical)

13. The Blue Mosque

Interior of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Interior of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Highlight: A luxurious inner with the Ottoman generation’s delicately detailed blue-and-white tiles

This properly-known mosque (formally called the Sultanahmet Mosque), facing the Hagia Sophia Mosque across Sultanahmet Park in Istanbul, is in actual fact one of Turkey’s most visited monuments.

Built by Sultan Ahmed I, the mosque was as soon as designed to imitate the Hagia Sophia by the architect Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa, a disciple of the Ottoman generation’s most properly-known architect, Sinan.

With six slim minarets and a sprawling courtyard advanced, every thing relating to the Blue Mosque is on a big scale nonetheless it absolutely’s most effective known for its prayer hall inner lined in tens of thousands of blue Iznik tiles (for which the mosque obtained its moniker), lit by shards of sunshine from 260 home windows.

Non-worshipping web site visitors are welcome to instruct about with start air of prayer times. Everyone will deserve to accept as true with knees and shoulders lined, and females must wear a scarf.

14. Troy

Aerial witness of Troy
Aerial witness of Troy

Highlight: Strolling amid the ruins of in actual fact one of many Classical world’s most properly-known legendary cities

One in all Turkey’s most properly-known extinct ruins, this problem is believed by many to be the Troy of Homer’s Iliad.

Whether or now not it is, or now not, the Troy of the Trojan War myths, the multi-layered, rambling ruins right here say a immense history of occupation, abandonment, and reoccupation that stretches correct relief to the early Bronze Age.

The ruins encompass properly-preserved metropolis walls and fortifications, the remnants of a palace, megarons (Mycenean hall complexes) and properties, along with later Roman-generation sanctuary and Odeon monuments.

Appropriate down the road from the Troy problem is the contemporary Troy Museum, in actual fact one of Turkey’s most effective museums.

The immense and thoughtfully collated assortment inner tells the tale of Troy, from its earliest occupation correct by procedure of to the trendy generation, including the mythology that surrounds the positioning; the controversial and negative excavations of early archaeological work right here; and the tale of the missing cache of gold, silver, and copper artifacts (is known as Prium’s Take care of) on the 2nd held at Moscow’s Pushkin Museum, which had been unearthed on the positioning and illegally smuggled out of Turkey by Heinrich Schliemann.

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15. Ani


Highlight: Rambling this immense problem of shattered churches field excessive on the steppe

The ruins of the mighty Silk Avenue metropolis of Ani sit down deserted on the plains rubbing up against Turkey’s trendy border with Armenia.

As soon as capital of the Armenian Kingdom, Ani’s golden age got right here to an cease within the 14th century after Mongol raids, earthquake destruction, and substitute route tussling all performed their piece within the metropolis’s decline.

The dazzling purple-brick buildings gathered crumbling away amid the steppe grass accept as true with a curious get hold of on all who consult with.

Like now not pass over the Church of the Redeemer and the Church of Saint Gregory, with their provide an explanation for stone masonry and fresco remnants gathered considered; the entire Ani Cathedral building; and the Manuçehr Mosque, constructed by the Seljuk Turks as soon as they captured the metropolis within the 11th century and regarded as the first mosque constructed in what would change into Turkey.

Ani - Ruined Location of the Outdated Armenian Metropolis Design - Tourist Attractions
Ani Design – Attractions (Historical)

16. Safranbolu

Ragged Ottoman properties in Safranbolu
Ragged Ottoman properties in Safranbolu

Highlight: Idly wandering cobblestone streets amid the broken-down town of wood-beamed mansions

Turkey’s most effective-preserved Ottoman town is a fabulously photogenic plot of skinny winding alleys stuffed with finely restored wood mansions which had been as soon as the dwelling of rich retailers and gathered had been transformed into boutique accommodations and eating places.

There’s tiny to in actual fact attain in town. As an quite lots of, it is a long way a plot to merely stroll the streets and indulge in the broken-down-world ambiance.

It’s moreover known for its historical sweets and crafts and there are quite lots of lovable retail outlets where it is probably going you’ll per chance presumably gain a distinctive memento.

In case you’re road-tripping inland from Istanbul, this is an dazzling plot to cease-off for the night and skills the historical ambience.

17. The Bosphorus

Bosphorus witness
Bosphorus witness

Highlight: Snatch a scenic sightseeing outing on Istanbul’s infamous continent-dividing strait

One in all the enviornment’s mighty waterways, the Bosphorus Strait separates Europe from Asia and connects the Gloomy Sea with the Sea of Marmara (and therefore, out to the Mediterranean).

Cruising along the Bosphorus, whether or now not by hopping local ferries, on a vacationer ferry cruise, or a non-public boat, is in actual fact one of many mighty vacationer attractions of an Istanbul dwell. This is per chance the most stress-free sightseeing opportunity in Istanbul.

Onboard, or now not it is all about soaking up the scenery from the water, with the shorefront lined with Ottoman palaces; villas; and wood mansions out to Rumeli Fortress, constructed by Mehmet the Conqueror; and (farther north along the strait), the Byzantine-generation ramparts of Anadolu Fortress.

18. Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Gypsy Lady Mosaic inner Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum
Gypsy Lady Mosaic inner Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Highlight: An excellent-making an strive assortment of Greco-Roman mosaic artistry

On account of the continuing motivate response within the aftermath of Turkey’s February 2023 earthquake, the Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum has been temporarily closed. For data on reopening, check the reliable museum web problem.

The metropolis of Gaziantep is in actual fact one of southeastern Turkey’s mighty highlights for a pair of days of guzzling Gaziantep’s properly-known baklava and strolling the alleys of its broken-down metropolis district, nonetheless its most properly-known appeal is the Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

The museum contains each and every in actual fact one of many perfect and most necessary mosaic collections on the earth.

With regards to your entire Hellenistic and Roman-generation floor mosaics displayed right here are before every thing from the Greco-Roman ruins of the city of Zeugma, which is now half of-submerged attributable to the building of the Bericik Dam. The mosaics, cleverly curated and displayed so as that they would well also very properly be considered from their most effective angles, provide web site visitors with a sense of the artistry of the Greco-Roman generation.

No topic the many gigantic mosaics right here, presumably the most properly-known mosaic within the assortment, is known as the Gypsy Lady, is in actual fact one of many smallest pieces. It’s a long way displayed dramatically in its beget darkened room, so as that the intricate artistry of the allotment could also very properly be better liked.

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19. Göbeklitepe


Highlight: Absorbing the ambiance of standing amid the enviornment’s earliest non secular monument

One in all Turkey’s most necessary extinct ruins, the hilltop problem of Göbeklitepe, conclude to Şanlıurfa, has generated many of of headlines worldwide, been anointed with UNESCO World Heritage web site, (and supplied the foundation for the Netflix sequence The Present) since it was as soon as opened to the public.

This minute problem of towering T-formed pillars, inscribed with animal figures and anthropomorphic details, dates from the pre-pottery Neolithic generation and is believed by archaeologists to be the enviornment’s earliest non secular sanctuary.

Despite the proven fact that it would also now not accept as true with the wow-factor of Turkey’s many, worthy later Bronze Age and Greco-Roman extinct websites, Göbeklitepe’s importance in our notion of early human history has made it in actual fact one of presumably the most smartly-liked vacationer attractions in Turkey’s southeast.

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20. Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery
Sumela Monastery

Highlight: Exploring this stunning Byzantine non secular center that adheres to the cliff-aspect

With its stunning, lonely environment, constructed real into a cliff face, Sumela Monastery (Monastery of the Virgin Mary) is the megastar appeal for web site visitors along the Gloomy Sea Flit.

Wandering spherical this deserted non secular advanced, with its church interiors stuffed with good-making an strive and vibrant frescoes, is a must for anybody who makes the lengthy stir to Turkey’s northeast plot.

The monastery first opened for the period of the Byzantine generation and most effective ceased operation as a working non secular center in 1923, when the monks had been compelled to head away as piece of the Greek-Turkish Population Alternate.

Right this moment, wandering its empty cells, or now not it is simple to evaluate the isolated lives of the monks who as soon as lived right here.

Highest Time to Discuss over with Turkey

Overall, reckoning on what you intend to attain, Turkey could also very properly be visited year-spherical, nonetheless for presumably the most accurate climate, the very best times to instruct about with are the months of Would possibly presumably well per chance, June, July, August, September, and October.

Would possibly presumably well per chance, June, September, and October are the head time for Turkey travels, with quite lots of blue skies and sunshine and softer gentle for pictures, nonetheless fewer crowds. Appropriate keep in mind to pack a hotter layer for after black and a jacket in case of rain.

Spring wildflowers bloom across the countryside in Would possibly presumably well per chance, while the displays of gleaming tumble foliage for the period of October assemble these two months the very best for enthusiastic photographers.

July and August are presumably the most smartly-liked months to instruct about with, with temperatures regularly peaking over 30 degrees Celsius and tiny likelihood of rain disrupting your plans. In case you’re right here particularly for the sea spin and actions on the water, this is height season.

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