The Closing E-book to Visiting Seoraksan Nationwide Park

The Closing E-book to Visiting Seoraksan Nationwide Park

Seoraksan Nationwide Park, in the northeast of Korea, is a just appropriate-wanting national park with loads on offer for a wide fluctuate of visitors. I didn’t know plenty about it sooner than I arrived, but by the purpose I left about a days later, it became once firmly entrenched as indubitably one of my favourite areas in the country.

It’s a godsend for anybody who likes to effect one foot in entrance of the other, with numerous spectacular day hikes that in about a hours can elevate you to the tops of rocky mountain peaks, alongside comely composed streams, and former scrumptious tumbling waterfalls.

While you’re no longer so mountainous on strolling, by no design danger: there’s a cable automobile that could perchance well hasten you to the tip of a nearby mountain for dramatic views without the tell. Aged temples, giant statues, and even some surprisingly staunch areas to luxuriate in and drink: what’s no longer to love?

A enjoyment of any season, Seoraksan is in a league of its gather in autumn, when the leaves alternate coloration and a sea of yellow and crimson blankets the park.

I struggled to search out staunch, up-to-date facts on the park after I started to learn it, although, particularly logistical things like easy the vogue to build up there from Seoul or the highest day hikes to kind whereas I became once there. Having now labored all that stuff out, I figured it became once worth putting a facts collectively to help others who get themselves in the identical teach.

To that quit, I’ve effect down the whole thing I could perchance well judge of about transport alternate options (including tours), which hikes are worth doing and why, where to remain, luxuriate in, and drink all over your time in Seoraksan, easy the vogue to tackle things like cable automobile tickets, and plenty extra.

I in actuality did treasure my time in the park, and confidently this facts helps you trip it appropriate as unparalleled as I did. Let’s accumulate into it.

Straightforward suggestions to Ranking There

I wrote a lengthy outdated-long-established facts about easy the vogue to build as much as Seoraksan Nationwide Park, and I’d counsel checking it out to build up the general crucial parts you’d like. Briefly, although, you’ve bought three picks: public transport, driving your self, or taking a tour.

Except you already happen to be staying in a nearby city, you’ll seemingly quit up heading to the principle (Sogongwon Park) entrance, initiating from or going by design of Seoul to build up there.

There are no trains that flee to the national park or to Sokcho, the closest city: whereas which you can combine declare and bus alternate options to kind it, it’s sooner, more cost effective, and easier to appropriate elevate a bus the total manner.

Within an
Inside of an “elegant” bus in South Korea

Buses flee every half-hour or so between Seoul and Sokcho, from two diverse terminals. For most of us, Seoul Explicit terminal is the higher possibility: there are extra buses, they’re rather more cost effective, and they also advance at a extra convenient terminal in Sokcho as neatly.

From there, you private got to build up a local bus (route 7 or 7-1) to the park entrance. That bus additionally runs roughly every half-hour, and takes 30 minutes to build up from the Explicit terminal to the park. It’s most convenient to make consume of T-Cash to buy your label, but you pays in cash whereas you happen to’ve got to.

Utilizing your self is ravishing easy, no less than whereas you happen to’ve got your gather automobile or are planning to hire one. It takes about two hours to drive the 200km, totally on the tiny-accumulate admission to toll road. Here’s a toll street, so guarantee you focus on over with the rental company about how toll payments work if necessary.

Lastly, numerous companies flee fleshy-day journeys from Seoul to Seoraksan Nationwide Park, with an excessive amount of itinerary alternate options. Most quit at one or two other attractions along the vogue, and all offer you numerous hours to stroll in the park, either on your gather or with a facts. It’s a staunch manner of getting to peek the highest highlights of Seoraksan without needing to tackle any of the logistics your self.

Park Opening Hours

Statue of a endure standing on a concrete plinth with
Optimistically the highest endure you’ll explore in the park

Seoraksan Nationwide Park is start from 6am till 8pm on each day foundation, twelve months spherical.

Elaborate that the cable automobile as much as Gwongeumseong Fortress operates on a diverse time table, which varies by day and season. As a tough facts, it operates from roughly 8:30am to 5:30pm, but take a look at the web sites (Korean) for the present cases. It additionally closes for repairs and in sturdy winds: these are announced on the arrangement as neatly.

Easiest Time of twelve months to Discuss over with

Just like the leisure of the country, there are mountainous variations between the seasons in Seoraksan, so timing is necessary.

If mountain hiking is your well-known trigger of going to the park, strive to focus on over with in spring (March to Might presumably) or autumn (September to November). Here’s when the climate is simplest, with less rainfall and comparatively mild temperatures. Things can accumulate ravishing hot in summer, and likewise snow and freezing cases are neatly-liked in winter.

Spring is extraordinarily just appropriate-wanting, with the total vegetation initiating to bloom and numerous birds and other natural world spherical. Likewise, the elegant colours and frigid, crisp temperatures of autumn kind for scrumptious mountain hiking cases.

Elaborate, although, that the autumn foliage acts as a magnet for domestic tourists, that design the park can accumulate extraordinarily busy at the moment of twelve months. Buses and lodging are most frequently fleshy, particularly at weekends, and crowds on the most neatly-liked trails can kind the trip ravishing imperfect at cases.

October is the busiest time of twelve months in the park, thanks to both the altering colours and a vogue of public holidays falling all over that month. Given the difficulties spherical securing transport and lodging, I’d counsel taking a day tour as a alternative all over this duration.

The upside of visiting in winter is that you just’ll private few other of us to danger about, and the snow-covered mountains, crisp, determined air, and frozen rivers and waterfalls kind for elegant photography. The arrangement back, for sure, is that mountain hiking turns into unparalleled extra attractive, particularly at higher elevations, and it would accumulate very frigid.

Build sure you’ve bought acceptable gear for the cases, and endure in mind that trails are most frequently closed attributable to snow or contaminated climate.

You’ll private the reverse teach in summer, with temperatures in the park most frequently hitting in some distance extra than 30 levels Celsius (86F). It’s when the mountain slopes are at their greenest, thanks to many of the rain falling at the moment of twelve months: you’ll accumulate ravishing photography, but kind sure to pack numerous water and solar protection whereas you happen to’re mountain hiking.

How Lengthy to Exhaust at Seoraksan

Seoraksan Nationwide Park is hardly a secret for locals, but sounds like somewhere that practically all foreign tourists don’t know as unparalleled about. It’s most frequently uncared for of drag itineraries fully; when it’s no longer, of us in general simplest give themselves a single day to explore the park.

While you can cherry-pick the highlights of the park in a day (particularly whereas you happen to drive or elevate a tour, and shuffle away early), you’ll private a higher, extra relaxed trip whereas you happen to remain longer. We gave ourselves two days and two nights, and it felt like the right length of time, particularly since we were the consume of buses to build up spherical.

Viewpoint with tree rising by design of the wood decking, overlooking mountainous forested granite slopes. Thick gray cloud covering the tops of the mountains.
Cloudy skies at Towangseong Falls Observatory in Seoraksan Nationwide Park

That gave us a day in the park when we first arrived, and a fleshy day the following day, sooner than returning to Seoul the following morning. As neatly as getting to peek extra of the park, including among the less neatly-liked trails, that beyond regular time came with one more befriend: working spherical the climate.

Seoraksan is notorious for having, shall we embrace, some ravishing variable climate. Rain and cloud are neatly-liked, even when other parts of the country are bathed in sunshine. Our first afternoon became once rather overcast: although we bought patches of solar here and there, most of my photography were taken under gray skies.

If that had been the highest time we’d had in the park, I’d private been ravishing unhappy about it: these majestic mountains and sweeping vistas appropriate aren’t as impressive once they’re covered in a thick layer of cloud!

Luckily, the following day couldn’t private been extra diverse: some mild morning fog burned off as we arrived, leaving appropriate blue skies and shining sunshine in its wake. It stayed like that on each day foundation, simplest initiating to cloud one more time as we were making our manner relief out of the park many hours later. Success!

Where to Cease

While you’re visiting for longer than a day, you’ve bought two picks about where to remain: in Sokcho, or somewhere along the street that ends in the park.

The closest lodging to the entrance is the four-necessary person Kensington Resort, less than a 5 minute stroll from the principle gate. Elephantine of British memorabilia (including a double-decker crimson bus in the auto parking space, think it or no longer), it’s a favored space with Korean celebrities. There are two eating areas, a bar, and cafe onsite, and whereas the rooms could perchance well kind with a little of a facelift, which you can’t kind any higher in phrases of convenience.

Staying any place else would require a bus/automobile lunge or a lengthy stroll to build as much as the park. We spent about a nights at Smile Resort, about three kilometres relief down the street. It became once the highest-rated of the little cluster of lodges in the home, and didn’t disappoint: with friendly householders, tremendous, chuffed rooms, a staunch, easy breakfast, and cheap costs, we were very chuffed with our decision.

Resort room with one double and one single bed, with wood ground and relief wall. Window and little painting on relief wall, white painted aspect partitions and ceiling, with coat stand and partial see of desk and chair on the right. Air conditioner on the left wall.
Family room at Smile Resort, shut to Seoraksan Nationwide Park

There were about a eating areas and about a little convenience stores nearby: between them and the eateries in the park itself, we by no design had a problem discovering meals all over our live. The village itself became once ravishing aloof in Might presumably: that’s no longer peak time, and particularly in the evenings, it didn’t feel prefer it either.

Lets private walked the Forty five minutes to and from the park on each day foundation, but as a alternative appropriate timed our departures to coincide with the 7/7-1 bus that runs between Sokcho and the park. There’s a quit on the principle street, a little while from the hotel. The lunge takes 5 minutes and runs every half hour or so: take a look at the timetable in the Naver app so you don’t miss it!

South Korea Dash Tricks

While you’re harassed about making payments, how taxis and T-Cash cards work, why Google Maps is so contaminated in South Korea, or other logistical stuff, I wrote a facts to that on my other arrangement.

While you’re chuffed with a longer shuffle back and forth to and from the park, there’s a unparalleled wider fluctuate of lodging and meals alternate options in Sokcho itself. I’d counsel staying within strolling distance of the Explicit bus location whereas you happen to’re relying on public transport; it appropriate makes the whole thing easier, particularly whereas you happen to’ve bought the leisure bigger than a little receive with you.

With that in mind, Urbanstay Sockho Seashore is my prime pick. It’s a 5 minute stroll from the bus terminal and the 7/7-1 quit, and simplest a minute extra to the beach, with mountainous views over the water.

The rooms are tremendous, neatly-liked and cheap, with moderate weekday costs of ₩50-60,000 (spherical $40 USD) outdoors peak season. There are numerous convenience stores and eating areas within strolling distance, and both cooking and laundry services and products in the room in portray for you them.

Entrance Prices

After we visited in Might presumably final twelve months, we showed up on the park entrance, cash in hand, prepared to pay the national park price that we’d be taught about in every facts. Take note our confusion, then, when the highest person manning the label booth became once fleet asleep within, with visitors streaming in and out by design of the gates alongside!

As it became out, we’d timed our focus on over with perfectly: the costs had been abolished earlier that month, and it became once now entirely free to enter. The price (₩3500) ancient to be nonetheless on behalf of the Sinheungsa Buddhist temple within the park, but an settlement between the manager and Buddhist leaders design that public funds are in actuality ancient to pay for the repairs of most necessary temples in the country as a alternative.

Elaborate that it’s simplest the park entrance price that’s been scrapped, no longer another associated charges. You’ll aloof pay for automobile parking, meals and drink, the cable automobile lunge, and things like shelters and showers whereas you happen to’re staying in a single day in the park.

Eating and Ingesting

Coffee mug and big glass with ice and straw, sitting on a tray on a table in an start doorway. A narrow street is considered outdoors, previous which would be bushes and craggy mountains.
Taking a ruin after a lengthy day of mountain hiking, at Dahyang cafe

It’s beautiful to direct that in accordance to my experiences in completely different places on the earth, expectations for the meals and drink alternate options within the park weren’t high. It’s additionally beautiful to direct that these expectations were exceeded.

Soon after entering the park, you’ll bump into numerous eating areas and cafes clustered along both sides of the path. Here’s by some distance the highest location to luxuriate in or take a espresso: whereas there are about a vending machines dotted spherical, your picks are unparalleled extra restricted in completely different places.

For frigid and hot drinks, I’d counsel Dahyang. It’s onerous to miss the mountainous “CAFE” indicators, but whereas you happen to kind, it’s on the right-hand aspect as you’re strolling from the entrance gate. No longer simplest kind many of the tables private mountainous views of the mountains, nonetheless it appears to specialise in honey-infused drinks that I didn’t explore in completely different places.

I’m don’t in actuality private a sweet tooth, besides, I tried the honey Americano on indubitably one of my stops there. It became once surprisingly staunch: sweet, but no longer as unparalleled as sugar or man made sweetener, and plenty tastier than I anticipated.

Like any of the eating areas in the park, costs are higher there than you’ll pay in completely different places in the country. Even so, at ₩5800 (~$4.50 USD) for an traditional Americano, after a lengthy day of mountain hiking and with a see like that, I wasn’t too upset about it.

Haemul pajeon (seafood and green onion) pancake on a wood table, with a little bowl of sauce alongside
Haemul pajeon (seafood and green onion) pancake from Daraejeong restaurant at Seoraksan Nationwide Park

While you’re taking a peek for meals (and after mountain hiking as much as Ulsanbawi peak and relief down one more time, I positively became once), kind your manner over to Daraejeong. It’s easy to search out, appropriate to the right of the cable automobile entrance, with numerous tables lined up under umbrellas outdoors.

We opted for the haemul pajeon, a seafood and green onion (scallion) pancake that you just’ll seemingly explore on many menus in South Korea. It in actuality became once very tasty, unparalleled higher than it had any appropriate to be given the placement, and colossal enough to feed both of us.

All but again, at ₩20,000 ($15 USD), that it is possible you’ll well presumably positively get the identical dish more cost effective in completely different places in Korea…and one more time, after that unparalleled strolling, I wasn’t inclined to care when it tasted that staunch.

Given the different of eating at indubitably one of many eating areas in the park or somewhere along the street relief in the direction of Sokcho, I’d shuffle for the feeble. While the areas I ate at shut to the park weren’t dreadful, the meals there simply wasn’t as staunch as what I had at Daraejeong in squawk.

Taking the Cable Automobile

Important and all because the highlight of Seoraksan Nationwide Park for numerous of us is its mountain hiking trails, you don’t could perchance well additionally just aloof be unparalleled of a walker to build up mountainous views. A cable automobile runs from the principle restaurant and cafe home shut to the park entrance, hiking 700m as much as the tip of Gwongeumseong Peak. All of the views, none of the sweat.

It’s believed that a nearby flat share of ridgeline became once once the placement of Gwongeumseong Fortress, although there’s nothing left of it now, and nobody is in actuality rather sure when it became once built. Whatever the account is, the principle reason to head up there this present day is for the spectacular views, no longer wandering spherical fortress ruins.

After all, whereas you happen to’re intriguing on taking the cable automobile your self, you’ll want to effect a little of belief into it. That’s because your label is for a particular time, and could perchance well simplest be offered in-person on the day. There are no reach tickets, basically because sturdy winds most frequently trigger the service to be suspended at immediate see.

As with the leisure of the park, things accumulate busier because the day wears on. You’re simplest to head straight to the cable automobile office whereas you advance in the park, and buy the following accessible label that suits your plans.

Three-account wood building with colossal glass home windows. Brick path running to and along two sides, with about a bushes in a gravel home in entrance. Mountains considered on the support of.
Entrance to the cable automobile location

Cars shuffle away every 5 minutes, and help 50 of us straight away: despite that, they frequently promote out entirely at peak cases. While you buy a label for about a hours later and deserve to hike indubitably one of many paths beforehand, consume the estimates in the proportion under to kind sure you’ve bought enough time.

Grownup and teenage tickets will characteristic you relief ₩15,000 ($11.50 USD), whereas you’ll pay ₩11,000 for young of us conventional three and over. Infants under that age are free. All tickets are spherical-shuffle back and forth: rather than falling off the sting, there’s no manner relief down the mountain rather than the cable automobile.

The auto whizzes you as much as the tip in about 5 minutes, at which point there’s a cafe, bogs, and outdoors viewing areas for taking in the environment. From there, elevate the path to the right: it’s a 15-minute uphill stroll to the “fortress” arrangement, which is in actuality appropriate a mountainous, flat-ish rocky peak. Give your self about half an hour to peek spherical and elevate photography in all instructions sooner than heading relief.

When you kind accumulate relief to the location, help strolling previous it to the little temple in the other route: it’s less crowded that manner, and there are aloof numerous staunch views to be had. While you happen to’re prepared to head relief down, appropriate line up: now not like if to get here up, there are no characteristic timings for the return drag. That can kind for a little of a wait at busy cases, so kind teach that into your plans.

One thing worth mentioning here: whereas the views are elegant on a determined day, there in actuality isn’t unparalleled point in heading up on the cable automobile if there’s a vogue of cloud or low fog spherical. Most frequently, whereas you happen to can’t explore the tip cable automobile location from the backside, you won’t be ready to peek the leisure whereas you’re up there either.

The Easiest Day Rock climbing Trails In Seoraksan

Six signposts on a wood pole, three pointing in every route. The left-pointing indicators are for Yukdam Falls, Biryong Falls, and the Towangseong Falls Observatory, whereas the ones to the right are for Ulsanbawi Rock, Biseondae Rock, and a cable automobile. Bushes considered on the support of.
So many mountainous alternate options!

Which which you can well well ruin the mountain hiking trails in Seoraksan Nationwide Park into two general categories: day walks, and multiday hikes. The multiday versions elevate you deeper into the park, with one or two nights spent in easy huts along the vogue.

As rewarding as these hikes are, it’s the day walks that attract the visitors. With a reasonable stage of fitness and about a hours to spare, you’ve bought your pick of impressive trails that elevate in the whole thing from tumbling waterfalls and highest valleys to panoramic views atop jagged mountain peaks.

The anguish ranges fluctuate between the paths, and most frequently within every path as neatly: the first parts are along the valley ground and most frequently rather easy, sooner than things accumulate steeper and further attractive further on. The climate obviously performs a phase as neatly: heat is in general a right teach in summer, as can snow and frigid in winter. Which which you can well well consistently flip relief partway by design of whereas you happen to’re discovering things too onerous or are running out of time.

With that in mind, these are the three simplest day hikes that I’d most counsel tackling. With enough stamina you could perchance well stroll all three in a day, but given the volume of stair hiking fervent, it’s no longer something I’d particularly counsel doing. I spread them over a day and a half, and I’m chuffed I did.

All of the paths talked about are completely signposted in Korean and English, both from the principle Sogongwon Park home and along the paths themselves. You most frequently don’t private a vogue of picks to kind about which manner to head anyway: there’s in general appropriate one determined path to examine.

Ulsanbawi Rock Inch

Size: 7.6km return
Length: 3-4 hours
Distress: Onerous

Be conscious over steep, jagged granite peaks with forested slopes on both sides. Blue sky with some white clouds above.
Be conscious from the tip of Ulsanbawi Rock. No longer confirmed: the million steps to build up there

Practically indisputably the highest attraction in the park, the hike to Ulsanbawi Rock is an absolute highlight on a determined day. Along with spectacular views over the valley on the vogue up and from the tip, you additionally accumulate to love Ulsanbawi Rock itself, a particular six-peaked granite ridge that sits spherical 870m (2860ft) above sea level.

Starting up from the principle entrance, observe the indicators for Ulsanbawi Rock over a little stone bridge in the direction of Sinheungsa Temple. I focus on extra in regards to the temple under (it’s neatly worth visiting), but for now you continue on previous it, sooner than branching off to the right to initiate up the path itself.

The first phase beside the river is deceptively easy, with a concrete path to stroll on and minimal hiking to kind. The concrete ends and the hiking starts if you hit the first characteristic of stone steps, but even this share isn’t too attractive, with a vogue of tree quilt till you reach Gyejoam Temple.

Constructed into the mountainside, there’s a little to peek on the temple, including a accepted “rocking rock” (Heundeulbawi) that perceived to be a extraordinarily neatly-liked location to build up a crew record. Both manner, here is a staunch location to quit for a leisure: it’s indubitably one of many final flat areas till you accumulate to the tip.

From there, the path continues upwards, previous a viewpoint on prime of a colossal boulder that’s worth clambering up on to. I purchased a mountainous see of Ulsanbawi from here, as well to the thickly-forested valley under.

Be conscious in the direction of colossal, rocky, jagged peaks in Seoraksan Nationwide Park, South Korea. Dense tree cloak under the mountain fluctuate, blue sky with some clouds above
Be conscious in the direction of Ulsanbawi Rock

From here, it’s less than a kilometre to the tip, nonetheless it’s by some distance the most tasty stretch. It’s basically one lengthy staircase the total manner, many a full bunch of steps, with no right shade if you’re out of the tree line. It will get ravishing onerous, particularly in hot climate, so elevate as many breaks as you’d like and drink numerous water.

I finally emerged on the tip of the stairs, legs burning and lungs gasping, to a spectacular see that made it all priceless. I became once lucky to be there on a determined day, with simplest about a white clouds spherical and mountainous visibility the total manner to Sokcho and former. It wouldn’t private felt rather so rewarding in cloud and fog!

Panoramic see from the tip of a mountain over a closely forested valley. Granite rocks in the foreground, hills and mountains in the gap, with determined skies and about a little white clouds
Panoramic see over the valley ground from the tip of Ulsanbawi Rock

There are about a diverse viewing areas on the tip; they’re shut to every other and provides diverse views of the park and surrounding geographical region, so it’s worth taking photography from all of them. Here’s the supreme location to private lunch or a snack, searching on whereas you accumulate there: you’ve earned the leisure ruin!

While the return shuffle back and forth is sooner and no longer as unparalleled of a cardio tell, it will get onerous on the knees after a whereas. Let’s appropriate direct I became once ravishing chuffed to peek the tip of the steps and accumulate relief to a pair flat ground one more time on the backside!

Because here is such a favored stroll, I’d highly counsel initiating early, particularly all over the hotter months. No longer simplest kind you steer determined of the afternoon heat, you additionally steer determined of the worst of the crowds. At weekends and peak cases, there could perchance also be rather a line of of us hiking up and down and wanting out forward to their record op on the tip.

We were there mid-week in Might presumably, and started strolling about 9:30am, getting to the tip at 11am, and relief down one more time by 12:30pm. That incorporated short leisure stops on the vogue up and a longer ruin on the tip. It wasn’t very crowded on the ascent, but we passed unparalleled extra of us on the vogue relief down.

Biryong Falls Inch

Size: 4.8km return
Length: 1-1.5 hours
Distress: Moderate

While you’re a fan of waterfalls, peek no further than the Biryong Falls path. This moderately immediate hike starts out on a wide, flat nature path by design of the wooded space, sooner than hiking continuously alongside the river to two diverse waterfalls.

You’ve additionally bought the choice of extending the stroll up a (very) steep staircase to an statement deck for the Towangseong Falls, a 3-phase, 320m waterfall that’s the tallest in the country.

This neatly-liked path starts from the identical home shut to the park entrance because the others I point out, but in location of heading in the direction of Sinheungsa temple, true away leads over a lengthy stone bridge across a wide stretch of the rocky Ssangcheon river. Preserve left on the tip, following the indicators (or searching on whereas you’re there, the crowds) in the direction of Yukdam Falls.

Effectively-fashioned grime and stone path with many big, skinny bushes on either aspect.
The first share of the Biryong Falls path

The first phase of the stroll is extraordinarily easy, nothing bigger than a delicate-weight stroll by design of woodland. It’s a staunch location to space birds and other natural world, no less than when it’s aloof: there were simplest about a other of us spherical when we walked it, nonetheless it would accumulate very busy at weekends and peak season.

The path finally turns off to the right, changing into rather steeper and rockier as it approaches Yukdam Falls. The path is moderately narrow here, but you’re rewarded with some just appropriate-wanting views as you reach and atrocious the suspension bridge over the falls.

Narrow river gorge with shallow, rocky stream on the backside. Staircase associated to steep cliff on appropriate-hand aspect. Suspension bridge considered rather further along the gorge.
Coming reach Yukdam Falls

Here’s a extraordinarily neatly-liked space for a record: if it’s too busy on the vogue up, leisure assured, you’ll accumulate one more probability on the vogue relief. When you’ve filled your memory card, continue over the bridge and on in the direction of Biryong Falls.

The share of path is steeper and rockier than the final, and in actuality the highest reason I gave this stroll a “reasonable” ranking above. It’s positively on the easy aspect of reasonable, although, particularly because it’s ravishing immediate: with simplest about 400m between the two falls, most of us could perchance well additionally just aloof be ready to handle it appropriate just appropriate-wanting.

Biryong Falls itself became once a little of a disappointment; with simplest a 16-metre plunge and under what were by now rather cloudy skies, it wasn’t precisely the highlight of my time at Seoraksan. Aloof, it’s a staunch location to composed down and private a snack or a drink, and there’s numerous seating spherical the pool on the unpleasant of the waterfall.

Minute waterfall flowing by design of a gap in a rock wall and into a pool of water under. Bushes on the support of and on either aspect.
Biryong Falls

Now, you’ve bought a possibility to kind. Many folk flip spherical at this point, returning the vogue they came relief in the direction of the principle phase of the park. While you’re feeling match, on the other hand, there could be an different.

Optional: Towangseong Falls Observatory

As you reach Biryong Falls, you’ll see a worth pointing off to the right, up a staircase to the Towangseong Falls observatory. It’s simplest an extra 400m, but rather than the occasional bench, there’s no respite: it’s typically like being on a Stairmaster the total manner.

Steep staircase with rubber grips on every step and steel handrails, descending into a valley with dense foliage on both sides.
There are quite lots of hundred extra where these ones came from!

Count on to raise 15-20 minutes to build up up there, and to be severely in need of breath whereas you kind. Once the panting subsides rather, you’ll get your self on a multi-level statement deck, taking a peek out in the direction of a ravishing necessary mountain fluctuate.

Off to the right, here is where Towangseong Falls tumbles over 300m down the rock partitions, although you’re a lengthy manner from it: between that and the low cloud that had rolled in, there wasn’t unparalleled to peek on the day I became once there.

Steep, jagged mountains with thick gray cloud obscuring the tip peaks. Wide tree quilt on the lower slopes.
Be conscious from Towangseong Falls Observatory

Even so, since you climb above the bushes rising up from the valley under, the views of the leisure of the home are ravishing impressive. I could perchance well explore to this point as Sokcho off to the left, glistening in the sunshine that hadn’t rather made it to where I became once standing.

You perchance won’t employ too lengthy on the statement deck, no bigger than 5 or ten minutes, sooner than heading relief down one more time. From the backside of the stairs, appropriate observe the principle path relief to the initiate up point.

Biseondae Rock Inch

Size: 6km return
Length: 1.5-2 hours
Distress: Straightforward

Overlooking a little river valley in the direction of a steep granite cliff with peaks above. At ease, flat share of rock considered centre left, main down to a flat platform-like share of rock under. Minute rapids considered at backside left.
Biseondae Rock

The Biseondae Rock path became once the final hike I did all over my time in Seoraksan, and positively indubitably one of many highest. It’s the highest of the three walks I point out here: you observe a stream up the valley the total manner, under tree quilt and along mostly flat, neatly-fashioned paths.

As the title suggests, the path goes to Biseondae Rock, a colossal, subtle rock that turns into a waterfall after heavy rain. There became once no worth of falling water after I became once there, however the elegant scenery all spherical bigger than made up for it!

Starting up from shut to the park entrance, you atrocious the identical stone bridge in the direction of Sinheungsa Temple that you just kind for the Ulsanbawi Rock path, then flip left along a wide paved path by design of the wooded space. There’s a stream on the left hand aspect that you just accumulate glimpses of along the vogue, with about a clearings sever out here and there so which you can accumulate a higher see.

Stone and grime path by design of a moderately sparse share of wooded space, with green cloak all spherical.
Here’s about as attractive because the path ever will get

The first half of this 2.3km share of path is practically entirely flat, and will get simplest rather steeper (on a grime and stone display screen) for the 2nd half, after crossing a stone bridge. It’s all very easy strolling, although, particularly when when in contrast with any of the other neatly-liked hikes in the park.

As scenic because the stroll to Biseondae Rock is, it’s when things start up appropriate on the tip that it will get severely ravishing. I timed my arrival perfectly and ended up with the location practically fully to myself, about a households leaving soon after I purchased there. It became once colossal-aloof, with appropriate the sound of speeding water for company from the little rapids under.

Boulders in little stream, with steep rocky cliff on one aspect and closely-forested hillside on the other. Jagged mountain considered in background
Glowing views on the tip of the Biseondae Rock path

To get myself in such just appropriate-wanting scenery after less than an hour of easy strolling made me very chuffed, and I lingered for a whereas sooner than finally heading relief to the initiate up. It became once the right path to quit my time in the park, after giving my calves and knees a necessary tell the leisure of the time!

In phrases of what you accumulate out of it for what you effect into it, I’d perchance private the Biseondae Rock path even higher on my record than Ulsanbawi. Sure, the views from the tip of Ulsanbawi Peak are some distance extra dramatic and mountainous, but they elevate unparalleled extra effort to build as much as as neatly.

While you’ve aloof bought loads left in the tank whereas you accumulate to Biseondae Rock, you don’t must flip spherical there: as a alternative, atrocious the bridge over to the little facts centre, where the path splits in two. One department heads as much as the right, in the direction of Geumganggul cave, whereas the other veers left in the direction of about a ravishing waterfalls and the Yangpok safe haven.

Signposts for numerous diverse mountain hiking trails in Seoraksan Nationwide Park, four pointing to the left and 5 to the right. The ideal-hand path is steep stone steps, with a steel fence alongside.
The fun doesn’t must quit here…

The path as much as the cave is simplest 600m lengthy, however the steps are very steep: endure that in mind whereas you happen to’ve already climbed as much as Ulsanbawi earlier that day (or belief to afterwards)! On the upside, the views over the valley from the mouth of the cave are very impressive, and the cave itself holds a little Buddhist temple which makes for a staunch location to leisure sooner than you start up your descent.

The path in the direction of Yangpok safe haven isn’t any place shut to as steep because the one to the cave, extra of a neatly-liked incline than a gut-busting climb. It’s 3.5km from Biseondae Rock to the safe haven and nearby waterfalls: seek facts from to raise 2-3 hours to stroll there and relief. Which which you can well well additionally book a bunk bed on this safe haven (and others) whereas you happen to’d desire to remain the evening and explore further the following day.

Different Things to Survey and End There

While the mountain hiking trails, viewpoints, and autumn foliage are the principle attractions of Seoraksan, they’re no longer the highest reasons to focus on over with. The home is home to the oldest Zen Buddhist temple in the world: for some, here is the principle reason they focus on over with the park. For all americans else, it no less than makes for a sharp home to peek spherical after doing indubitably one of many a huge number of hikes that initiate up nearby.

Huge Buddha

Huge seated Buddha statue, with bushes on the support of and mountains considered in the background. A low gate provides accumulate admission to to the unpleasant of the statue.

Even whereas you happen to’re no longer the most observant person on the earth, it’s very onerous to miss indubitably one of park’s necessary attractions: a on the subject of 15m (Forty five toes) big bronze Buddha statue. It’s the highest seated Buddha statue on the earth, and whereas formally phase of Sinheungsa temple (under), it’s sever loose the principle complex, on your appropriate sooner than you atrocious the stone bridge.

It’s in a just appropriate-wanting space, with dense bushes surrounding it and mountains all spherical, so kind sure to take about a photography as you shuffle. While you’re particularly , there’s additionally a little temple within the unpleasant of the statue itself.

Sinheungsa Temple

Be conscious of numerous Korean-vogue temple constructions with closely-forested slopes to the left and high, jagged mountains in the background. A paved path runs down in the direction of and alongside the constructions.
Rear see of Sinheungsa temple complex

I’ve been to many impressive temples over the years, but few private been in rather such a comely space as Sinheungsa. In the case of discovering a location to leer enlightenment, I’m no longer taken aback that this space appealed.

First constructed in the mid 600’s AD, the temple has caught fire and been rebuilt no less than twice since then. Even so, the present version has been there for approximately 500 years: if I peek as staunch as this after 5 centuries in the world, I’ll be ravishing chuffed about it.

To get it, appropriate help strolling previous the giant bronze Buddha and on over the little stone bridge: the temple is neatly-signposted from the entrance, so you shouldn’t private disaster discovering it. You’ll stroll without lengthen previous it on the vogue to and from Ulsanbawi Peak, so most of us won’t even want to head out of their manner.

When you’ve walked by design of the impressive wood entranceway, give your self a little of time to explore the temple constructions and grounds. No longer like among the temples in Seoul and in completely different places, it’s no longer particularly colossal: we were in and out in about quarter of an hour.

While you’d like a unparalleled nearer peek at what lifestyles is like in the temple, it’s additionally that it is possible you’ll take into consideration to ascertain in for temple stays. With these, you’ll employ two or three days dwelling with the monks in the temple, taking phase in prayers and eating easy vegetarian meals twice a day.

So there you private got it, my facts to Seoraksan Nationwide Park! End you private got any questions? Did I am going away the leisure out? Tumble a comment under and I’ll kind my simplest to help!

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