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HOME | Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Tacoma, WA

Upcoming Events – Keep the dates.

A record of our upcoming events.  Request for added knowledge and announcements right here and on our social media pages.

Annual events in 2024.

Please stamp the dates to your calendar and join us.

1. Annual Unique twelve months Occasion That contains the pleasing country of Taiwan. February 24, 2024 on the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall

2. The Annual Sawasdee Thailand Competition. June 8, 2024, quandary TBA

3. Annual Samoa Cultural Week/Day. July 21-27, 2023, quandary TBA

4. South Tacoma Heritage Competition – August 10 and 12, 2024, quandary TBA

5. Annual Polynesian Luau. August 24, 2024, quandary TBA

6. ChuSeok Korean Competition September 21, 2024, quandary TBA, September 28, 2024, at Gig Harbor

7. Okinawa Day October 21, 2024, quandary TBA

8. Style of Asia, first Saturday of every month at APCC

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