Most Beautiful Locations in South Korea

Most Beautiful Locations in South Korea

South Korea is on everybody’s radar factual now, as PyeongChang gears up to host the Cool climate Olympics beginning on February 9. But the nation’s appeal extends a ways beyond athletic facilities—with veteran temples, tea plantations, popular neighborhoods, and greater than 3,000 offshore islands to explore, South Korea wishes to be on everybody’s scramble bucket list. Need more convincing? Here are the nation’s most gorgeous web sites, willing to welcome you prolonged after the Olympians head home.

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    Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond

    Positioned attain the metropolis of Gyeongju, this Seventh-century palace complex incorporates neatly-preserved temples, museums stuffed with veteran relics, and three tiny islands. Its star appeal is the surrounding Wolji Pond, a synthetic lake that completely displays the structures (especially at evening) and turns into covered with lotus plants in the summertime.

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    Cheongsando Island

    Southern Cheongsando Island is famous for its untouched magnificence—judge terraced rice paddies, panoramic ocean views, and fields of yellow rapeseed plants. The island is furthermore renowned for embracing the concept that of slack living, cyber web hosting a “Unhurried Strolling Festival” yearly thru which guests and residents are inspired to trek the walking trails as slowly as possible to better soak in the environment.

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